Monday, October 18, 2010

Thank Goodness for Workshop Commitments...

The Card-a-Thon is this weekend!

I can hardly believe that a years worth of planning and prep will all fall into place on Saturday!

I hope that you'll check in here at my blog next week for some Card-a-Thon photos... and maybe even a video
(to read about the Card-a-Thon.... go HERE )

This being said..I have not been creative at all..(for my own pleasure and enjoyment)...for months creative tie has been limited to what i create and prepare for the monthly workshops that I do...thus the title of this blog post..." Thank Goodness for Workshop Commitments..." because
without my monthly workshops I have a feeling I'd be creating...NOTHING!

Don't get me wrong...I love creating for workshops and classes....
anytime I can create is time that I cherish and enjoy....
but I really do miss sitting down and creating "just because".

Anyway... this is the card that we did last Saturday
Our color palette that night was Concord Crush...and the card was a hit with everyone.
I hope that this card inspires you to get your hands on some Concord Crush ink and card stock...
(I am so NOT a purple person...but this color has already become a fave of mine)