Thursday, January 29, 2009

Exxxxxxx-citing News!!

I am thrilled and excited to share some very newsy news with you!

My friend Katie has started her own Stamp Company!
(Yep! that's Katie's picture to the right of this page... under "Follower's") is now taking pre-orders on their first release of Katie's charming, unique and unbelievably wonderful stamps!

Which do I like most? Yikes..that's a tough question to answer... but IF I must choose (?)..I'll confess.....I am totally hooked on ....and in love with.... the fairies... I'm loving the squirrel too...and the quotes..and oh yes..the little alien.....oh heck...i LOVE them all...

So tomorrow....I'll be at Katie's web'll be easy placing my preorder...there's so much that I like and love....
but then..once I've ordered....the hard part comes.......waiting patiently to receive them!!..

I cant wait to make some cards with the fairies I'm ordering.....

And please note: I am prediciting that the fairies are going to be Katie's BIGGEST hit

Katie..thank you for creating such a wonderful fresh exciting line of stamps. I wish you endless success!

and Katie...let's meet back here next year on this date...when I'm certain you'll tell me that my prediction about your Fairies being a HUGE hit....has become reality!

so everyone.......go!!'ve got to visit Katie at to place your preorder today!

Congrads Katie!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Yesterday's Workshop/Crop

It's not a surprise ..or exaggeration..if I tell you that it was such a nice day..thanks to the terriifc group of ladies that are part of this group....two new members joined us for the first time...and wowed us with what they created...and finally..we got to make our little chocolate filled maiboxes...the project" that we were going to do on the 10th...before the snow put a kink in our plans.
Our group is growing..with 4 new members last week alone..I think we have 24 members now!
We're all looking forward to our next Workshop/Crop....on Valentine's Day..if you're a local Islander and are readng this...come visit our group and become a's free..and fun!
Having such a nice time yesterday makes you wish you could do it every week

Tomorrow I'll try to post a picture of the donations I've received for the Card-a-Thon!!
PS..sorry no Weekly Inspirations Video this week..I've been so busy I haven't had any time to "create"

Sunday, January 18, 2009

A new "Weekly Inspirations"...after taking a week off....

This week's Inspirations is all about making easy cards...and it's ideal for card makers who are just starting out...

All of the cards on this weeks "Inspriations" video were done using the "One Sheet Wonder" technique.....using one sheet of print paper..(added to a card base and one base/mat layer of card stock) and the same stamps..over and over again....
This is a wondeful way for beginners to get a feel for working on a layout..and putting together easy basic beginner level cards, without the possibility of becoming overwhelmed with too many materials....matching paper and card stock..or designing a sketch/layout from scratch...
So.....beginners...pull up a this weeks Inspirations..and walk away thinking..."I can do that!" will find numerous patterns for "One Sheet Wonders" by doing a Google search using the customized Google Search to the upper right of this blog..or by joining/visiting
*don't forget to turn off the playlist/music at the bottom of the blog page so that it doesn't play over the video music..
..and thanks Gary...for doing a great job on this weeks video...xoxo (I love the music!)

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Some People can just be so Kind...

I haven't had much time to update and post to my blog these last few days...

Gary and I have 2 back-to-back Fairs coming up in February on the 7th and 8th... (Valentine Fairs) Par 3 Productions is keeping us busy...

I've been spending my non-Par 3 Productions time working on the Card-a-Thon that I am planning......primarily emailing stamp/craft companies to secure donations...and as things progress..I see that there seems to be a common denominator...

Most of he larger, more established companies aren't donating at all (so far).....(sad me receives one email after the next from the "big" guys..telling me that they do not support "local events").....'

and yet....the smaller companies..or companies literally owned by "one person"..or a small family run business...are eager and very happy to be part of this event...

In the process of corresponding with some of these "smaller" companies.....I have
been in touch with such wonderful...kind.....generous people..... (thinking of Diana of Scor-Pal and Marcie of ucutathome) .....and it is these people that keep my spark lit when I have had a string of denials from the larger companies...and wonder if my plan and vision of this event will become what I dream it to be...
Thankfully...It seems that everytime I start to "wonder"...someone responds...and emails me to offer a donation...

So it is with pleasure that I'll keep the sidebar "Applause Applause!" section updated as I begin to receive donations.....this is my little place to acknowledge the kindness and generosity of individuals and companies who so willingly and happliy are supporting the Card-a-Thon...
..and I'll ask you to support them in visiting their web sites and considering making your on line purchases thru the linked web sites I'll be sure to post under "Appluase Applause!"....
(yes..yes..I know!.I am sending you to the right side of this page...again!)

If you are an individual (non company owner) who would like to send a donation of card making materials please email me at ..... no donation is too small..(ie card stock...... embellishments..... adhesives.....ribbon...unused stamps etc etc..if you are a demo for a company....please consider donating your unused workshop items..and retired items from past catalogs.. etc) short..anything that you have..may not need..want..or like...that can be used to make a card).....
With appreciation...your name will be posted in the "Applause Applause!" section as well!........and you'll be in the good company of individuals like Diana of Scor-Pal and the Stampington company !

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

..and did I happen to mention....

Searching Searching...
I've added a customized Search to the right of this page for your convenience..
When you need to browse and/or locate a specific item on the web, this search will be a useful tool becasue it has a greater potential to give you results that are more prone to falling into the "crafting" which of us passionate scrappers...lovers of paper..and rubber hoarders and card makers wouldn't love that! (?)..a customized search tool that is more apt to leave out some of the stuff we don't need..(and don't care about)!
If you're not a scrapper or crafter..the search is sill a great tool for you as well...and is not limited to crafting etc...
So if you're visiting here..please feel free to utilize the Google Search for your browsing and shopping.

The Blog Candy List...
The Blog Cady list, also to the right of this page.. is growing...
So many SUPER things are being given away at some wonderful blogs and web sites....
Just click the links that I've listed.....follow the directions at that blog or website....
I've included the "end" date for each Candy Give-a-Way, so you'll be sure to visit those sites and blogs and sign up before the deadline...
.....and as the saying goes... "ya gotta be in win it!"
PS..I have dibs on the Clear Art Stamps!

While you're here ....subscribe as a follower to this blog and you'll always receive updates automatically via email....just click on "Follow This Blog"

yes... yes..... I know....everything is always on the right side of this page...

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Me, My Cards and Sunday's Ride to Cold Spring Harbor

Gary and I took a ride to Cold Spring Harbor on Sunday to deliver my cards to a wonderful little shop on Main Street.....EZ Calligraphy

The ride there was a generic kind of Long Island ride..highways winding from the South Shore , where we live...taking us up to the North Shore.....where the landscape gradually changes and goes from flat ocean and bay front communities like hilly north shore roads leading up to the harbor .... and the Long Island Sound

Once you get off of the highway..the roads leading in to Cold Spring Harbor are quiet..winding roads with a lot of "nothingness" around.....and're on Main Street!..with the harbor to your left...(this is when I usually let out one of my long sighs..and wish for a house on the water... my dream home..)

I hadn't been up to Cold Spring Harbor in quite a while (years)..and when we drove alongside of the harbor.....I felt like I needed to act like a tourist and jump out of the car....with camera in hand..and take some pictures of the harbor......

It was so beautiful...the water was partially frozen..looking so blue....topped with large plates of ice and frosty looking caps on the water that had made a beautiful backdrop for this wonderul little town...

We drove down main Street passing all of the little houses that are now shops that can keep you browsing all day...
...EZ Calligraphy is located at 147 Main one of the vintage homes that line the street

Anne and Michelle, the owners, are welcoming.... down to earth ladies who "know their business"....they have a beautiful bright shop offering calligraphy, fine stationary, invitations, gifts and favors for almost any occasion or event.......and now..... yes you guessed it...they also carry a line of my cards!

If you're a local, and visit Cold Spring Harbor.......bring your'll love the town..the shops.....the harbor..(well maybe on a day when it's NOT 12 degrees like it was on Sunday)......and be sure to visit Anne and Michelle at EZ Calligraphy.... to see what they offer....and to take a peek at my cards!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

If I didn't already have a crush on Gary.....'s time that I come clean...

If i didn't already have a huge crush on Gary..I'd be in love with my UPS guy.... could you not cast an affectionate glance and have your heart go pitter patter over a guy (in uniform, nonetheless!!) who brings you packages filled with goodies?

As if Iweren't already a fan of my extremely nice UPS guy....(he is just an all around nice guy who cares about his job..and is always pleasant.)..well.....after yesterday..I might be prone to proposing to him...

He knocked on my door yesterday and delivered 4 boxes!! All for me!
One from Stampin Up! ...('s about time! that order took forever!..but defintely worth waiting for!)
One from thetapedepot... (yay! my 2 ATG's and oodles of refill ahesive rolls..and the free sample they promised to send me of their "x" tape )
One from Just Rite Stampers aka JRS..(another yay! my oval stampers!!! and some other goodies from the BIG "bonus" and clearance sale they were having)
One from Stampington ...(the donation for the Card-a-Thon that I wrote about yesterday)

So I say..bring on the blizzard!!..I'm ready!...Altho I'm sad that my monthly workshop/crop had to be cancelled today because of the forecast of horrific snowy sleety icy every cloud there is a silver lining! ...because NOW.....I get to stay in all weekendand play with my new toys...

And whatta ya know...just as I am finishing this comes the snow!

A project I that have been working on....

I have been so involved with making mega amounts of cards lately...and working on the 2 Valentine's Fairs that we have coming up in February...that I forgot to give a little bit of space on my blog to share some exciting news about a "project" I have been secretly working on!

I have...for quite some time now...wanted to organize an event that would be dedicated to making cards for our US military soldiers...There is a wonderful group called Cards for Heroes
that is an amazing and impressive reflection of the kindness and goodness in the end of 2008..they had sent a total of over 82,000 blank cards and cards of encouragement and support to soldiers in the US and abroad... I first learned of Cards for Heroes from a SCS (Split CoastStampers) friend, Trish.......thank you Trish.

I have wanted to do something similar for a long time now....and have been quietly getting the ball rolling...and am planning a Card-a-Thon!

Planning and promoting the event will be a cinch...mostof the details are in place.....(of course being in the "event planning and promoting " business is a convenient an fortunate coincidence..!) ..and if all goes as planned..the Card-a-Thon will be happening this Spring!

But ....the true challenge will be in getting people to participate..and in getting donations of materials for that day...

so..I have been focusing on how..and where to secure what is needed....and about a month ago......I began emailing craft/stamping companies..telling them of my planned event..and asking for a donation of card making supplies...

I have had (numerous) letters and responses declining my request..for one reason or another..and was beginning to wonder IF anyone would consider making a donation.. was a very exciting day for me! I received my first box of donations for the Card-a-Thon from Stampington ....such beautiful printed paper...( is all beyond beautiful....and bordering on gorgeous!)..and also some copies of Take Ten (a "magazine/book" that is a card makers dream resource for card making inspiration)

I can't tell you what a wonderful feeling it was to have my enthusiasm fueled by the arrival of this box..and to know that there ARE people who are willing and able to lend a helping hand....
(with so many rejections, I was beginning to wonder)

So here's what I am thinking tonight....I am just one person..little old me..over here in my corner of the world..who has an idea..and a plan and desire to do something good..and nice..for others...and with me simply reaching out to another person...I am now a step closer to making this "event" a success......thanks to Stampington.

I am so appreciative of Stampington's generosity...and can only hope that others will respond similarly..

I'l be sure to keep updates coming on how things progress......and will now add a section to the right of this page titled "Applause!Applause!" that will list all Companies/Individuals who make a donation to the Card-a-Thon

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Workshop Ladies Cover Your Eyes!

If you're one of the workshop ladies who attend my monthly workshops...COVER YOUR EYES!!'re not supposed to see this until Saturday!

This is the mailbox project we will be doing this Saturday when we get together..(Thanks Chris for sending me the mailboxes...I've never seen them in my local thanks to Chris...we are able to do this project at our January Workshop/Crop.)

I used SU Bella Rose DSP (designer print paper) for this mailbox...(I love the patterns and how it all goes together and mixes and matches so nicely...)..and for the goodies inside of the mailbox, I covered some "nuggets"(chocolates) with the same paper and then made a bag topper in the same coordinates.

I have had the MS (Martha Stewart) butterfly punch for ages now and never used it..this was the first time..and I LOVE it...I have a feeling that I'll be using it often...(picturing some 3-D butterflies on cards etc..) I like the size of the butterfly..and like that the "body" (center) of the butterfly attached nicely with a mini/small glue dot...leaving me the opportunity to crease the wings a little bit and pull them forward for a 3-D look...I could have gone butterfly crazy with that punch and this project..but I FORCED myself not to...

I also obsessed about the naked silver "bolt" that was used to attach the mailbox "flag" to the box itself..but remedied the ugliness of it by covering it with one small self adhesive gem...and then I was happy!

Every time I have see one of these mailboxes in the Splitcoast Stampers gallery..I have liked them....and now...thanks to Chris....I've had the opportunity to make one myself..and will share this fun project at this weekends Workshop/Crop.

(Okay workshop can uncover your eyes now!)

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Cutest Little Love Birds

This was one of those stamps that I wasn't sure I'd like..but I picked it up on sale an gave it a try....and now? I LOVE it! It was nice making a Valentine's card that wasn't made with the traditional color combo is a favorite of mine...Stampin Up! soft sky...river rock..and vanilla(embossed the vanilla with my CB and the birds and swirls embossing folder)..The stamp is called LoveBirds and is made by Hampton Art...coloring was done with SU inks and an aquapainter....(love my aquapainters! did i ever live without them?) I'm also hooked on the CTMH sheer ribbon...I find myself reaching for it all the time.
I do wish the photo was brighter tho.....I'll post this pic for now and if I do a re-take..I'll re-post the new pic.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Better Late Than Never....This Weeks Card Inspirations

Gary just finished this weeks Card Inspirations video......(Thank you Gary xoxxo)
I've been in the Valentine's mode...and if you're a card maker..I'm sure you are too!..We cardmakers are always working on the "next" holiday..while the current holiday is going on, it seems....I was in the Valentine's mode in December..but didn't have time to create anything until this weekend...with all of the Holiday hub-bub behind was really so enjoyable just to relax and make a some cards...
Hope you enjoy this collection...

PS..don't forget to scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page and turn off the blog music/playlist before you start the video.. so that it doesn't play over the video music.

A Day Late....

The Weekly Inspirations is running a day late...but will be posted Monday evening.....sorry
(I guess Gary's been s a slacker! haha)
Today I spent a nice amount of time making some cards...probably the first time I've made anything since the day befor Christmas Eve.
I was so excited ..and looking forward to making a few cards today mainly because of a new stamp I just got...Couch Riley...he is beyond cute!
So here's a little peek at one of the cards from this weeks Inspirations...made wiht this adorable Couch Riley image from Hanna Stamps. I fell in love with this Riley as soon as I saw him..and about 2 weeks later had a wonderful surprise when a SCS friend, Doris (aka glitterdovefairy) secretly gifted me a giftcard to Hanna Stamps via the SCS"Guess Who?" Swap!
So now must know what i did with that gift card ASAP!!....Yep...I ordered this Riley faster than my fingers could type the order!
I'm happy with this card..(papers, colors, layout etc)...however...I used my aquapainters to do the coloring...and I'm not sure that I like the watercolor next time, I think I might use my Stamp-n-Writes and see if I like that look better.
Some images just aren't meant to be watercolored, I think.
I am in LOVE with this Riley!
Thank you Doris!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

It's Guy Thing Card Swap....Join Us!

I've got a Card swap going on at scs (Splitcoast Stampers) and am inviting you to join us!

This card swap is for masculine cards...thus the name "It' a Guy Thing"....and will allow us to share some masculine images/cards ....

It seems that everyone is always saying that they don't have masculine images..stamps.etc..and that they rarely make guy-type cards...

So here's your chance to wow us with your manly-man creations.....and in turn you'll receive 5 cards back...just in time for Father's Day!

Swap spots are opened..and your cards will be due on April you've got lots of time to create...

Now put away all of your frilly girly images and embellishments....and get out the "guy-stuff'".....and see what you can come up with!

Just take a peek here to see what its all about: "It's a Guy Thing".....MASCULINE CARD SWAP....OPENED TO EVERYONE - Splitcoaststampers

Friday, January 2, 2009

Blog Candy Links!

Be sure to check out the Blog Candy and Give-a-way links to the right of this page...
I've dated them (when possible) so you will know when the contest/give-a-way ends.
Just click on the link..and you're there! Post your own comment..,,and then post a link back at your own blog... and be "in it to win it"!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

It's Time for a Facelift....A New Year....a New Look!

It's 2009....and it's time for a facelift!

Gary has been busy working on re-vamping the Par 3 Productions web sites...and planned..they are up and running on this first day of the New Year!

Both websites have a fresh new look...easier navigation features...galleries..related links...downloadable applications .... easy to use contact and FAQ Features..and more!
(the Stampin Up! web site remains unchanged, as it is designed and hosted by a separate service, contracted directly thru Stampin Up!)

So when you have a moment...please visit us at:


and Stampin' Up! Demonstrator

You can also follow/join the Oceanside Scrapbooking and Card Making Workshop/Crop Group at
Oceanside Scrapbooking/Cardmaking Meetup Group (Oceanside, NY) -

*Subscribing as a follower to this blog, "My Paper Bliss", will allow you to automatically receive all updates to this blog via email. (*follower sign up is to the right of this web page)

And this New Year will know exactly where to find us on line!

Facelifts.....A New Year...A New Look

It's 2009!...and both of our Par 3 Productions websites have a new look for a new year

Gary has been busy re-vamping both sites and today they are finally up and running...and ready for viewers...

There's a new look on both websites... and new features as well...

a photo gallery on the "Event" website...downloadable applications...sample photo shows...related links to browse....and more...(*the Stampin Up! website remains the same as it is designed and hosted by another service)

So when you have a moment...visit us at: