Sunday, October 14, 2012

Exciting (and crafty) News!

I have been busy busy busy these last few months and today, I can finally tell you what's kept me busy busy busy!

I've had something up my sleeve for a while now...and TODAY  everyone will finally know what I've been up to...and I wanted my blogging friends to know about what I've had in the works...and what's kept me away from my blog for a while now

Today.... October 8 a.m...... I will be launching my new web site and on line business....Cards, Kits and Pages

Here's a little bit about Cards, Kits and Pages..taken straight from the web site

Cards, Kits and Pages provides paper crafters who create at all levels of crafting expertise the opportunity to create advanced level projects.
As the crafter, you will explore and achieve your best and fullest creative YOUR home... at YOUR YOUR convenience....with YOUR Kit!

Cards, Kits and Pages offers prepped ready-to-go kits, along with simple easy to follow instructions. You'll just need to have some of your basic crafting tools handy, and you'll be ready to create papercrafting  projects that will look beautifully finished, right down to the last detail.

Your kit will be delivered to your mailbox, and will contain all of the " paper parts and pieces" needed to complete the featured project of the month.
Card stock and paper pieces will be pre-cut, pre-scored...and if they are embossed...punched or die cut...they will be embossed, punched and die-cut for you!  
If your chosen project includes embellishments, bling, brads, ribbon'll find those elements in your kit as well!

You'll just need to get out some of your basic tools and adhesives, follow the easy to read instructions, and you'll be set to go!

The first Kit will be available for sale TODAY....and you can order it the web site

The web site is also you can access it via your IPhone..and Ipad.......and...we also have a Facebook page that you can visit and "LIKE"...HERE

I have had  a steady interest from many customers and crafty friends to offer kits..primarily for card making...and thought that it was time that I got a web business together to offer what you've asked for.

I am also happy to provide Kit projects for those of you who can't make it to the monthly workshops/classes....or who may live in far away places...
these kits will keep you inspired..and in the creative mode...month after your own home!

I am very excited about Cards Kits ad Pages finally becoming real...and being ready to launch TODAY!.... I have a feeling that when you visit the web'll feel excited too!

The web site/ "store" link is:
(you've got to visit the web store...there's lots to see...
The Facebook link is:

If you enjoy using would be great if you could share the Facebook  link for Cards, Kits and Pages on your FB help get the word out!
Kits will be shipped all of your crafty Facebook friends in the U.S. will be able to enjoy the opportunity to create with Cards, Kits and Pages  kits!

Your help in getting the word out about Cards, Kits and Pages would be very much appreciated!

Be sure to click LIKE when you visit the Facebook page...and leave a comment to let us know that you visited!

I hope that you'll be one of the first to order the October Kit and will enjoy making beautiful cards of your own!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

....Lots of Reasons to Break a Promise

I've broken my promise...but I come here now armed with a good excuse (aka reason).

I had good vowed t0 begin posting my blog. the midst of good sweet daughter, Chelsea graduated from high school...and then 2 days was Prom !

While it wasn't MY graduation...or prom...I was very much focused on all that went along with both of those events...and so everything else has (happily) taken a back seat to Chelsea's excitement! if that's not enough hub-bub for one family...Chelsea was a Scholastic Alliance for Young Writers and Artists National Gold Medal Winner!..
Yes!...she was one of 2 Gold Medal Winners for her Photography Portfolio ....there are lots of are a few...
this year...220,000 + student submitted work...and from the 220,000...only 15 were chosen as Gold Medalists in al categories combined!

This is HUGE...we actually didn't know how huge it was until everything began to unfold...
a generous college scholarship...a grand gala in Manhattan...the Empire State Building was illuminated in gold on the day of the gala in honor of the 15 gold medalists....and the next day....Chelsea and the other medalists were on stage at Carnegie Hall receiving acknowledgement  and thunderous applause...for their work

BUT..the on stage part at Carnegie Hall was only after she and the other Gold Medalists got to hang out backstage with Meryl Streep...(who was the guest speaker at the event at Carnegie hall...and who by the way was charming...delightful..witty and so down to earth...I could have listened to her speak for  hours)

In addition..Chelsea work..and the work of other award winners were on display for a few weeks at the Parson new School in Manhattan..(yes..that's where project Runway is Filmed...they have a wonderful gallery there)

Chelsea's work is now traveling throughout the country with the exhibit...which in and of itself is amazing to think about!

In between all of the awards festivities...graduation and prom...we have attended lots of awards ceremonies...
Chelsea really finished her high school life with a bang...being inducted into her high school's Photography Hall of Fame...receiving numerous awards...and scholarships...
She truly has made us proud, beyond measure

June was one big wonderful blur of happiness...celebration as well as gathering of new and cherished memories for us...
Thank you for letting me boast a bit...

PS..I can't find the photo of the Empire State Bldg illuminated in gold, with Chelsea posing in the forefront of the photo.....I'll share that next time.

Video of Chelsea's Artist Talk at Parsons

Chelsea ~ Formal and Informal Graduation portraits

Scholastic Step and Repeat Photo

Chelsea on stage at Carnegie hall with some of her work displayed behind her

Hanging out with Meryl Streep ~Backstage in the Green Room at Carnegie Hall

Chelsea giving her Artist talk in front of her work (Parsons Gallery ~ Manhattan)

Video of Chelsea's Artist talk


Thursday, May 24, 2012

Berry Blossoms Returns

Berry Blossoms is a beautiful, colorful and fun pack of Designer Series print paper to create with ...I love when certain shades of purple and green go well together..and this pack of paper allows for the perfect mix of these 2 colors...and that little burst of Calypso Coral in the mix adds just the right "oomph" and kick of color...don't you agree?

Last weeks card was created with this beautiful paper......and this weeks card was too!

For this card....I used lots of the same Stampin Up goodies as I did for last weeks card..
Card Stock: Lucky Limeade...Wisteria Wonder...Whisper White
Classic Ink: Lucky Limeade
Designer Series Paper:: Berry Blossoms
Punches: Modern Label....and misc small Butterfly
Embossing Folder: Swiss Dots
Misc: Self Adhesive Pearls

As always...I hope that this card inspires you to create...

Have a happy holiday weekend! who is going to give me some applause...I promised to post to my blog once a week..and so far.....I've kept my promise!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Catching up....a card....and a "Not So New Year's" Resolution

It's been SO long since I've given my blog any attention...
I am beginning to feel guilty...
and front of everyone here..I am making a resolution...

are you ready?
here goes...
(I know that once I put this out there in front of everyone...then I really MUST live up to my word)...
I'm not a nail biter...but I may turn into one right now..
(oh the pressure...the pressure) it is...(to all of you who blog daily...pre-post blogs..and give your blogs lots of'll probably think.."what's the big deal"?.....for me..this is a biggie...especially with my blogging track record of late...

here it is...
(oh..did  say that already?)

well I go...

I, Michelle, will...beginning this to my blog...once a week...(more would be nice...but too lofty a goal for me right now)

so..once a week
I promise
I'll share something...most likely a card on my blog...

Now you've all witnessed it.
There's no turning back for me now!

and show you that I am a woman of my word...I have a card to share!
(I am patting myself on the back right now as you sit there and read that!)

This is one of the cards that I just did with the ladies who attend the Card Making Workshop that I host every month
Using stamps that have coordinating punches is something the ladies always seem to enjoy.....and so...this card was a hit
(We always do 2 cards at a workshop.....(variations..using the same materials)...I'll share the other card next week...(when I keep my "one post a week" promise!)

Here's the card...(you can click on the pic for an up-close-and-personal-view of details)

What do you think?
"Do-able"?...even for a beginner?

For this card....we used lots of Stampin Up goodies..
Card Stock: Calypso Coral...Lucky Limeade...Wisteria Wonder...Whisper White
Classic Ink: Calypso Coral..Lucky Limeade
Designer Series Paper:: Berry Blossoms
Stamp set: Mixed Bunch
Punches: Blossom Punch...Modern Label....and misc Butterfly
Embossing Folder: Swiss Dot...Stripes

As always...I hope that this card inspires you...

See you next week!

(It feels good to be back!)