Sunday, July 1, 2012

....Lots of Reasons to Break a Promise

I've broken my promise...but I come here now armed with a good excuse (aka reason).

I had good vowed t0 begin posting my blog. the midst of good sweet daughter, Chelsea graduated from high school...and then 2 days was Prom !

While it wasn't MY graduation...or prom...I was very much focused on all that went along with both of those events...and so everything else has (happily) taken a back seat to Chelsea's excitement! if that's not enough hub-bub for one family...Chelsea was a Scholastic Alliance for Young Writers and Artists National Gold Medal Winner!..
Yes!...she was one of 2 Gold Medal Winners for her Photography Portfolio ....there are lots of are a few...
this year...220,000 + student submitted work...and from the 220,000...only 15 were chosen as Gold Medalists in al categories combined!

This is HUGE...we actually didn't know how huge it was until everything began to unfold...
a generous college scholarship...a grand gala in Manhattan...the Empire State Building was illuminated in gold on the day of the gala in honor of the 15 gold medalists....and the next day....Chelsea and the other medalists were on stage at Carnegie Hall receiving acknowledgement  and thunderous applause...for their work

BUT..the on stage part at Carnegie Hall was only after she and the other Gold Medalists got to hang out backstage with Meryl Streep...(who was the guest speaker at the event at Carnegie hall...and who by the way was charming...delightful..witty and so down to earth...I could have listened to her speak for  hours)

In addition..Chelsea work..and the work of other award winners were on display for a few weeks at the Parson new School in Manhattan..(yes..that's where project Runway is Filmed...they have a wonderful gallery there)

Chelsea's work is now traveling throughout the country with the exhibit...which in and of itself is amazing to think about!

In between all of the awards festivities...graduation and prom...we have attended lots of awards ceremonies...
Chelsea really finished her high school life with a bang...being inducted into her high school's Photography Hall of Fame...receiving numerous awards...and scholarships...
She truly has made us proud, beyond measure

June was one big wonderful blur of happiness...celebration as well as gathering of new and cherished memories for us...
Thank you for letting me boast a bit...

PS..I can't find the photo of the Empire State Bldg illuminated in gold, with Chelsea posing in the forefront of the photo.....I'll share that next time.

Video of Chelsea's Artist Talk at Parsons

Chelsea ~ Formal and Informal Graduation portraits

Scholastic Step and Repeat Photo

Chelsea on stage at Carnegie hall with some of her work displayed behind her

Hanging out with Meryl Streep ~Backstage in the Green Room at Carnegie Hall

Chelsea giving her Artist talk in front of her work (Parsons Gallery ~ Manhattan)

Video of Chelsea's Artist talk