Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Quietness of My Blog....

My blog will be quiet for a mom passed away this morning..after having a massive heart attack yesterday morning...

I'l be back..hopefully next enjoy the peaceful feelings that my stamping and card making offer finish up the other 2 ALL WHITE SWAPS I am still needing to do....and to share something creative with you.....

Friday, March 27, 2009

Spring Cleaning....

Good morning!

I am posting now..before getting back into my massive Spring Cleanup-and Clean out....because once I get started this morning with my Craft "stuff" reorganization...I dont't want to risk losing momentum by taking a break...and sitting in this chair to update my blog...because as we all know..once you start browsing and blurfing..the hours pass!

Yesterday was a FULL day of working on the Card-a-Thon..and wow!! things are REALLY moving along!..I am so thrilled and excited!...and then last evening I finally started to sift thru egads of my card making and scrapbooking "stuff"...I made a lot of progress..but still have miles to go...

So how about joining me in a Spring clean out of your odds and ends of unused..unloved and unwanted card making supplies..placing them in a box..and when the box is filled..send it off tome as a donation for the Card-a-Thon (?)

I'll honor your generosity by taking a photo of your donation..and posting a personal word of thanks....(with the photo) here on my blog...and you'll have that warm fuzzy feeling inside of knowing that you've done something kind.

*To read more about the Card-a-thon go HEREand HERE ON SCS (where I originally posted the details)....and if you're a SCS-er and would like to join Susan's Patriotic Red White and Blue Card Candy Swap (which is decicated to the Card-a-Thon) go HERE THANK YOU SUSAN!

Here's a list of some of the items needed
SO many donations are needed...anything and everything for card making...

There is a BIG need for a wide asst of card making supplies...
things like:

***BIG NEED: Dispenser style rolls of DOUBLE SIDED TAPE

all things SELF ADHESIVE..for easy embellishing
brads..(not eyelets..have gazoodles of them already)
flat buttons
mat sized card stock
mat sized prints
OR..full size cs and prints (I will cut them down)
primas or other flowers
glue dots
prescored A2 cards and envies
single stamps and /or stamp sets
ink pads..full size or spots
scrubbing pads
all sorts of embellishments suitable for cards
adhesive runners
ATG refills
cuttle bugged card fronts
handcrafted card candy

There is a HUGE need for:
**Self adhesive embellishments, gems etc
**images that are already colored....painted etc...and punched out or nestied.... and matted ....and ready to roll...
**images that are all coloring needed..punched out/nestied and matted and ready to roll

Thursday, March 26, 2009


Today I checked my private messages on scs and was so happy to have inquiries about donations for the Card-a-Thon....

While I'm confident that everything will come together for the event in October....I still fret and worry about whether or not word is getting around about the Card-a-Thon....and if the huge amount of materials needed will actually be received/donated....this event has become my "baby"..and thinking..worrying (and yes..obsessing bout it) has becoem part of me..... of the emails that I receved this morning was from Susan (scs StampinGoodDeeds)..who has offered to send a donation of well as an offer to host a "swap" on scs...the +1 from the swap will also be a donation to the Card-a-thon..

Susan's scs name is perfect for her..she epitomizes what good deeds are all about..what they look they emerge and become vital parts of the goodness and kindness that sustains all of us..and reminds us of what is truly important in life..

so please visit Susan's Red White and Blue Swap Thread and think about signing up for a spot..or two!

If you would like to host a swap on scs that generates donations for the Card-a-Thon....please email me at LovesStampin@aol...or send me a pm via scs at my scs name: mishaloots are an angel..thank much.

Thank you..

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Still in love with White on White.....a Springtime Card

This is the 3rd white on white card that I made for one of my spots in Ruth's White on White Swap..
This was a fun card to make...and I've posted 2 pics so that you can see the detail.... texture...and dimension...

I wanted to bring some lightness to this card..and so I opted to use sheer white medium weight vellum for the flowers and butterflies.....

There was a bit more work involved with this compared to the other 2 white on white cards I posted..but only because I made the vellum flowers myself...which meant making the 3 layers with the Stampin Up! Birds and Blooms dies...

I zipped the dies thru the Cuttlebug (only becasue my Big Shot hasn't arrived yet...tomorrow is the BIG DAY!)...then I curled the egdes...used mini glue dots to layer each flower....added a clear gem to the center of each...and wha-la!..a nice dimensional vellum flower..I used a chunky 3-D glue dot to adhere the flowers to the card front..(LOVE those chunky 3-D glue dots...especially for flowers..)

The buterflies were punched with the Martha Stewart Butterly of my favs...I am ALWAYS using this punch..its the ideal size for A2 cards...if its not the only element on the card...(it's a bit too small to be the ONLY element on a card front by itself)

I creased the wings where they meet the body of the butterfly so that when I attached the body to the card front with a mini glue dot..the wings remained elevated...for additional dimension...finally...I added a bit of crystal Stickles to the body for some sparkle..

Both layers of white cs were Cuttlebugged...

and in keeping with the light airy feel of this card..I used sheer ribbon to finish it off..

I've got the 6 swap cards done..and ready to be sent to Ruth..but now I think that I am going to make a few keep on hand...

but going to make a cup of green tea...relax....browse thru some card making magazines..and enjoy looking at the beautiful roses Gary brought me for my birthday (today)..and wait for my 2 storage drawers to be deliverd so that I can finally put away the 160+ (I've lost count!) stamp sets that I have in 3 HUGE bins...because I am out of storage space...

(If you'd like to see what I use for storing my SU sets.. you can see it HERE...each 3-drawer piece holds about 60-70 avg sized SU stamp sets...)

Once again..thanks to Ruth for hosting such a fun and inspiring swap..I have enjoyed this swap so much..Thanks Ruth!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


The Card-a-Thon date has been confirmed..and it will officially be held on October 10th, 2009... 10 a.m - 4 p.m!!

This is wonderful news...and I cannot end this brief post to my blog without thanking the Oceanside First United Methodist Church and Pastor Janet for donating their church hall for the event.

Thank you also, to Phyllis.. the church secretary, for working with me on prospecive dates..and for being more than wonderful about following up on things and always getting back to me in a more than timely manner.

Now that the date is "official"....the Card-a-thon truly feels like its's a reality!

So.... that's the good news..

and...the not so good news is..the company that I was hoping to secure a donation of double sided tape told me today that they regretfully have to decline on ALL donations this year because of the economy and how it has impacted their business..

This was sad to hear because an all day event and hundreds of cards being made requires what I call "oodles" of tape...

If you would like to donate a roll or two of double sided tape (Scotch/ dispenser type)'d be saving the day with this tape dilemma!

Please scroll down to the prior Card-a-Thon post here on my blog for info regarding needed donations...

and please know that no donation is too small ...

Crazy for White on White!

Yesterday I posted the first card that I made for Ruth's White on White swap...
and as promised, I'm posting the second card today!

I am totally enamoured with my you all know...(how did I ever manage without it?)....I find myself always adding texture to my cards with embossing folders.....texture plates etc...and now..when I DO make a card that is "sans embossing" looks drab to something is missing...

Well..what better way to make use of a CB than on a white on white card...(?)
..because with a few turns of the've got beautiful embossed dimension and texture that is key to adding depth and detail to any "color on color" card...

Ruth's White on White swap has turned out to be my big card making thrill of the week!.... (thanks Ruth!)...and case you are wondering...i DID got back to her thread on splitcoaststampers...and sign on for a THIRD SPOT!!..and I dragged my scs pal , Sue, with me as well...(love ya Sue...mmmmwuah!)

So this is my 2nd white on white card...I'm happy with the bird..LOVE the envelope..and LOVE the envelope even more when its embossed...(gee what a surprise!)

Today I'll work on the 3rd card.....because maybe...just maybe... a 4th spot in Ruth's swap might be calling my name...! (Sue are you wiht me??lol)

While you're sure to scroll up to the blog candy post..and comment for a chance to win whats pictured...and then post a link on your blog to help me get the word out about the Card-a-Thon and Blog Candy

You can also read about the Card-a-Thon and needed donations HERE at SCS (splitcoaststampers)

Then..take a look thru your supplies and materials and see what you can put in a box and sent to me for the Card-a-Thon...because while I have received some donations..I am still miles away from having all that is needed...(you can read about the Card-a-thon by scrollling down...

and one other thing...make a fast stop at the sidebar (over here ~~~>) to see a great list of Blog Candy Giveaways..then do some comment and enter for a chance to win!

Now go get out your white card stock..and start creating!

and Sue..start thinking of your 4th white on white card idea!

Monday, March 23, 2009


While you're visting here....and commenting on my blog candy post...(for a chance to win the candy pictured above)please don't forget to check out the sidebar..and click on each blog candy to visit some beautiful blogs..get inspiration..and post your comment for a chance to win the candy at each stop you make..
I just finished the last addition for today...Claudia's Magnolia Easter Blog Candy...

Happy blurfing!

White on White Card Swap

I signed up to be part of a splitcoaststampers card swap that excited me...because I LOVE LOVE LOVE...white on white...

Actually....I love white on white so much that I've used it for my home decor....linens..wallcovering..shower curtain..window curtains..and years ago..when I worked for the NYC Board of Education..I had a beautiful white linen skirt and top that I remember buying in Macy's.....and guessed was white on white! (I loved that outfit)

Well..this White on White swap isn't dues until July 5th...but I was so excited about making the cards...I just HAD to made them this weekend...

and so...I did...
Then.. I went to the thread on SCS to let the hostess (Ruth) know that I had finished the cards..and would send them out to her this week.. wheels started turning...(yes....smoke bellowing from my noggin)..and I REALLY REALLY REALLY wanted to make another set of white on white cards...

SO..I went back to SCS..and posted a note on the swap thread letting Ruth know that I'd like another spot in the swap...

And back to cardmaking I went..and finished another 6 cards for the swap!

And yes..back again to SCS to post a note on the therad...letting Ruth know that I finished the second set of cards...and would also send them out this week.. I am...2 days later..loving the white on white cards so much..that I'm thinking of going back to Ruth and telling her that if she has an opening..I might just want to do a third set of cards!

This was such a fun swap Ruth..(thanks for the invite to join)...this swap was truly
"up my alley"!

I've posted the first card today..and will post the second card tomorrow..

and if you love white on white like I do...hurry over to Ruth's swap and sign up for a spot..(but leave one for me..becasue I an thinking of taking another spot!!

I hope that you get hooked on white on white too!

Thanks Ruth for this wonderful swap!

Saturday, March 21, 2009



** I will be leaving this post at top until a few days afterthe date of the giveaway..thus the May 4th date of this post
Please scroll down a bit for more current and newer posts

To get your hand into the Candy Bowl here's what you need to do:

1. go to the sidebar and join as a Follower of this blog

2. post a comment to THIS entry re the blog candy and include a link to your blog (if you have one)

3. post a link to this Blog/Blog Candy Giveaway on YOUR blog

When you pass thru my blog to read what's happening with the Card-a-Thon...or catch up on my other news..please be sure to subscribe as a follower...because.....

All followers ......old and new....... will have a chance to win some terrific blog candy!

I've got an extra Polka Dots and Punches Sale-a-Bration set to give well as:
a spool of Stampin Up! So Saffron Grosgrain Ribbon
a pkg of Studio 112 adhesive Chipboard Flowers
a pkg of Jolee's "Gingham Sampler (self adhesive buttons and photo corners and 2 diff ribbons)
a pkg of Colorbok Chipboard Buttons
a pkg of K and Co Metal Clips

so once again...Here's what you need to do:
#1. sign on as a follower to this blog and...(over at the right sidebar where it says FOLLOWERS)

#2. and then.....
post a comment here (including a link to your blog)....

#3. if you'd like to help me get donations and spread the word about the Card-a-thon and Blog candy..... add a post on your blog about BOTH the candy giveaway and the Card-a-Thon.... with a link back to this blog....
and you'll have an additional chance to win!

A winner will be picked (by Chelsea) on April 30th!

If you don't have a problem!
Just join as a follower here and post a comment to let me know what you think about the Card-a-Thon...

By becoming a follower and linking our'll be doing your part in helping the Card-a-Thon to become a success and in helping me to get the word out about the need for donations..

Good Luck with your chance(s) to win this blog candy..and thanks for becoming a follower of this blog...and for spreading the word about the Card-a-Thon

** REMEMBER: To have a chance to win this Blog must post a comment to THIS entry...and join as a follower

while I welcome all comments..posts to other blog entries will not be entered in the blog candy giveway

Friday, March 20, 2009

Thank You Stampington

Today I'd like to say thank you to Stampington for a wonderful box of donations that were beyond what I had hoped for or could have imagined......

Stampington was kind enough to send a box full of Take Ten Magazines and the most beautiful designer paper...all to be used at the Card-a-Thon

Take Ten is one of my fav periodicals about card making and stamping...a trip to Barnes and Noble, for me, always includes a stop at the magazine section to get the most current copy....and then come home and devour the inspiration packed into it's pages....

The paper that Stamington sent is absoutely beautiful.....and will kick the cards that we make at the Card-a-Thon with it...up to the "elegant" notch..the colors..and textures are almost unlike anything I've ever seen....(wish the pictures could capture the detail)

Thanks so much Stampington....your donation has sent this Card-a-Thon well on its way to being a success....your generosity is so very much appreciated.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

What's the Card-a Thon all about...and how can you donate..or maybe be part of the event itself?

The Card-a Thon plans are in full swing...and people are starting to ask about I thought I'd post about it let you all know what's happening..what it's all about..and how you can donate if you wish...

I have been quietly working on this Card-a-Thon for a few months now....and it's moving forward...taking shape..and looking more and more like what I dream it to be...

Here's what it's all about:

The Card-a-Thon will be a one day event (Fall '09..Spring '10..and hopefully...every Spring and Fall thereafter)The Fall date is October 10th, 2009

This will be a card making event...set-up like an all day crop/wokshop...opened to any and all who would like to participate..
no fee to join in...

Volunteers/participants will work in teams of 6 card makers (volunteer participants of all ages) set up and working assembly line style on a particular card...each team member will have a task to do towards completion of that card...each team will make a particular card for one hour..after each hour..the card will change..

Volunteers can be a part of this event for the entire day...part of the day...come alone..or bring their own team...

In other words..we will be cranking the cards out that day!

The fall cards will be sent to US soldiers...(domestic and abroad)
The Spring 2010 cards will be given to a local hospital

SO many donations are needed...anything and everything for card making...

There is a BIG need for a wide asst of card making supplies...
things like:

all things SELF ADHESIVE..for easy embellishing
brads..(not eyelets..have gazoodles of them already)
flat buttons
mat sized card stock
mat sized prints
OR..full size cs and prints (i will cut them down)
primas or other flowers
glue dots
prescored A2 cards and envies
stamp sets
ink pads..full size or spots
scrubbing pads
all sorts of embellishments suitable for cards
adhesive runners
ATG refills
cuttle bugged card fronts

There is a HUGE need for:

**Self adhesive embellishments, gems etc
**images that already colored....painted etc...and punched out or nestied.... and matted ....and ready to roll...
**images that are all coloring needed..punched out/nestied and matted and ready to roll

Anything that you may have and would like to pass on....would be appreciated.
and can be mailed directly to me...
so when you clean out and reorganize your craft space...please consider donating the things that you have not...and will not use...

Supplies that are not completely used at the Fall event will be stored and held for use at the Spring event..and so on.......for all future events.

If you would like to make a donation, please email me at

If you are a local and would like to be part of the Card-a-Thon, please email me as well.

With your help ...whether it be participation in the event..or a donation that you send in....these Card-a -Thons have the potential to be a tremendous success!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Thank You Doris....

Today I'd like to thank Doris for her Card-a-Thon donation...

Doris is a splitcoaststampers friend..who knew about the Card a Thon and offered to make a donation.....

I never had to ask...Doris just approached me and offered to send something that could be used on the day of the Card-a-Thon....and gave from her heart....

In coming to know Doris..I have to say...I am not surprised at all by her kindness....she is a and caring person....

I wish that the stamp details showed better in the picture....I took numerous pictures trying to capture the pretty script words...and this was the best of the group.....The sentiments are: friendship, welcome, celebrate, laughter

Thanks so much Doris...I am sending a HUG to you let you know that your kindness is so very much appreciated..
(P.S....if you'd like to see what Doris has been can visit her blog here: Will Stamp for Food
Thank you Doris!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Thank You to Marcie and

I am finally catchng up on posting a few pictures and words of thanks to the handful (thus far) of people who have sent donations for the Fall Card-a-Thon..

Today I'd like to send a BIG thank you to Marcie..owner of
I have been a customer and fan of so has Gary..(yes i give him my "wishlist" and links to fav websites when he needs to shop for me for an occasion!..clever of me..huh?).....I have sent countless customers to the website...mostly for the montly VIP 40% off coupon..and to purchase a super price..
so.... I had emailed asking for a donation..not knowing that at the other end of the email was a person...who immediately interacted with me as if we were old familar friends...

Marcie epitomizes what a small family run business is all about at it's best...she is dedicated..accommodating...sincere and conscientious....and in this case..she has been giving..beyond what I may have imagined...

Thanks so much Marcie..the arrival of your box of donations brought a huge smile! I was so excited and happy to see 10 Cuttle Bug embossing folders! Yes 10! ...and 50+ little baggies filled with eyelets, that Marcie put together..and asked be given to Card-a-Thon participants as a little gift...each baggie has a 40% off coupon as an added bonus!..She even inclded another bag of eyelets to be used on cards that will be made at the Card-a-Thon! have gone beyond generosity..and no words typed here can adequately reflect my appreciation for your kindness...

Thank you Marice and!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Thank You Diana Crick

This is my first post thanking someone for a donation for the Card-a-Thon that I am plannning for the Fall..

Diana Crick..the creator of Scor-Pal has been so kind in sending me a Scor-Pal for the Card-a-Thon! Thank you Diana...your generosity is very much appreciated...

As many of you know..I am a HUGE fan of Scor-pal..and am always sending people to Diana's website..and encouraging them to take the plunge and get a Scor-Pal of their own!

Diana....thanks again! can be sure that this Scor-pal wil get a workout at the Card-a-Thon in the Fall!

If you are an individual who has an abundance of supplies and materials..perhaps duplicates or extras......things you have purchased..but have not/will not use....or if you are a company who would like to send a donation of card making supplies and tools...please email me at ....please know that no donation is too small.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Papermakeup stamps (PMS) Party Time!

Mark your newest most fav stamp company is having a party!!

March there or be square!

It's been a while.....

It's been a while since I've posted anything to my blog...not to mention shared photos of anything I've created..

I've been partially busy...partially sick with a bug of some sort..(Gary and Chelsea have had it too)...Gary is home sick least I have ..we can be home sick together! Now thats true love!

I REALLY need to start feeling better and having more energy...less nausea....its cramping my style....mostly because I have OODLES of new stamps and supplies ..stamps......dies..paper..etc etc that I want to sit down and enjoy...I went wayyyy overboard with my own Stampin Up!orders during Feb and March (Sale-a-Bration)...wanting to get all of the nice freebies... I even have a nice new BIA sitting here that I have yet to open up and you've got to know that I am really out of sorts if I'm not ripping opened my new goodies and using them ASAP

Two days ago I also received my March pre-order of Katies stamps...(I ordered all of the new release Fairies..and they are beyond wonderful!..I also ordered a few other goodies on that order..(some new Nesties)...and a few of Katie's unique sentiment stamps...
if you have't shopped at Katie's web site are REALLY missing out on some terrific stampsand products... *Katie.I LOVE your stamps...and have to add thatthe EZ mount is fantastic..great quality.....and mounted well...and I am thoroughly enjoying using the binder and storage sheets for all of my Papermakeup stamps...

So...I have a huge amount of new "stuff".... I have all of these wonderful new things sitting here.. ..and yet don't feel up to creating a darn thing.....

I did have my monthly workshop last was lots of fun..just an all around nice day...but I credit that to the super group of ladies....(members of the group I started last Fall)..

We are actually extending our monthly workshops..
The regular Workshop.Crop is from 10-3p.m....and now we are adding an evening be held on the same day...once a month..
The evening workshop will be Cards Only...4:30 - 7:30 p.m.....and they will begin in can visit..or join our group here:
Oceansdie Scrapbooking and Card Making(no charge..just choose a member name and password and you've got full access to sure to visit Heidi's blog for a chance to win come fantastic blog candy!
Heidi's Blog Candy
Happy Birthday Heidi!