Thursday, March 26, 2009


Today I checked my private messages on scs and was so happy to have inquiries about donations for the Card-a-Thon....

While I'm confident that everything will come together for the event in October....I still fret and worry about whether or not word is getting around about the Card-a-Thon....and if the huge amount of materials needed will actually be received/donated....this event has become my "baby"..and thinking..worrying (and yes..obsessing bout it) has becoem part of me..... of the emails that I receved this morning was from Susan (scs StampinGoodDeeds)..who has offered to send a donation of well as an offer to host a "swap" on scs...the +1 from the swap will also be a donation to the Card-a-thon..

Susan's scs name is perfect for her..she epitomizes what good deeds are all about..what they look they emerge and become vital parts of the goodness and kindness that sustains all of us..and reminds us of what is truly important in life..

so please visit Susan's Red White and Blue Swap Thread and think about signing up for a spot..or two!

If you would like to host a swap on scs that generates donations for the Card-a-Thon....please email me at LovesStampin@aol...or send me a pm via scs at my scs name: mishaloots are an angel..thank much.

Thank you..

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  1. I pimped out your scs thread about the card a thon to 25 of the threads I am involved with yesterday in hopes of creating a stir. I see that susan and jessica have contacted you since then and I hope many more do as well. Hugs...