Saturday, March 14, 2009

Thank You Diana Crick

This is my first post thanking someone for a donation for the Card-a-Thon that I am plannning for the Fall..

Diana Crick..the creator of Scor-Pal has been so kind in sending me a Scor-Pal for the Card-a-Thon! Thank you Diana...your generosity is very much appreciated...

As many of you know..I am a HUGE fan of Scor-pal..and am always sending people to Diana's website..and encouraging them to take the plunge and get a Scor-Pal of their own!

Diana....thanks again! can be sure that this Scor-pal wil get a workout at the Card-a-Thon in the Fall!

If you are an individual who has an abundance of supplies and materials..perhaps duplicates or extras......things you have purchased..but have not/will not use....or if you are a company who would like to send a donation of card making supplies and tools...please email me at ....please know that no donation is too small.

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