Saturday, January 10, 2009

A project I that have been working on....

I have been so involved with making mega amounts of cards lately...and working on the 2 Valentine's Fairs that we have coming up in February...that I forgot to give a little bit of space on my blog to share some exciting news about a "project" I have been secretly working on!

I have...for quite some time now...wanted to organize an event that would be dedicated to making cards for our US military soldiers...There is a wonderful group called Cards for Heroes
that is an amazing and impressive reflection of the kindness and goodness in the end of 2008..they had sent a total of over 82,000 blank cards and cards of encouragement and support to soldiers in the US and abroad... I first learned of Cards for Heroes from a SCS (Split CoastStampers) friend, Trish.......thank you Trish.

I have wanted to do something similar for a long time now....and have been quietly getting the ball rolling...and am planning a Card-a-Thon!

Planning and promoting the event will be a cinch...mostof the details are in place.....(of course being in the "event planning and promoting " business is a convenient an fortunate coincidence..!) ..and if all goes as planned..the Card-a-Thon will be happening this Spring!

But ....the true challenge will be in getting people to participate..and in getting donations of materials for that day...

so..I have been focusing on how..and where to secure what is needed....and about a month ago......I began emailing craft/stamping companies..telling them of my planned event..and asking for a donation of card making supplies...

I have had (numerous) letters and responses declining my request..for one reason or another..and was beginning to wonder IF anyone would consider making a donation.. was a very exciting day for me! I received my first box of donations for the Card-a-Thon from Stampington ....such beautiful printed paper...( is all beyond beautiful....and bordering on gorgeous!)..and also some copies of Take Ten (a "magazine/book" that is a card makers dream resource for card making inspiration)

I can't tell you what a wonderful feeling it was to have my enthusiasm fueled by the arrival of this box..and to know that there ARE people who are willing and able to lend a helping hand....
(with so many rejections, I was beginning to wonder)

So here's what I am thinking tonight....I am just one person..little old me..over here in my corner of the world..who has an idea..and a plan and desire to do something good..and nice..for others...and with me simply reaching out to another person...I am now a step closer to making this "event" a success......thanks to Stampington.

I am so appreciative of Stampington's generosity...and can only hope that others will respond similarly..

I'l be sure to keep updates coming on how things progress......and will now add a section to the right of this page titled "Applause!Applause!" that will list all Companies/Individuals who make a donation to the Card-a-Thon

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