Saturday, January 10, 2009

If I didn't already have a crush on Gary.....'s time that I come clean...

If i didn't already have a huge crush on Gary..I'd be in love with my UPS guy.... could you not cast an affectionate glance and have your heart go pitter patter over a guy (in uniform, nonetheless!!) who brings you packages filled with goodies?

As if Iweren't already a fan of my extremely nice UPS guy....(he is just an all around nice guy who cares about his job..and is always pleasant.)..well.....after yesterday..I might be prone to proposing to him...

He knocked on my door yesterday and delivered 4 boxes!! All for me!
One from Stampin Up! ...('s about time! that order took forever!..but defintely worth waiting for!)
One from thetapedepot... (yay! my 2 ATG's and oodles of refill ahesive rolls..and the free sample they promised to send me of their "x" tape )
One from Just Rite Stampers aka JRS..(another yay! my oval stampers!!! and some other goodies from the BIG "bonus" and clearance sale they were having)
One from Stampington ...(the donation for the Card-a-Thon that I wrote about yesterday)

So I say..bring on the blizzard!!..I'm ready!...Altho I'm sad that my monthly workshop/crop had to be cancelled today because of the forecast of horrific snowy sleety icy every cloud there is a silver lining! ...because NOW.....I get to stay in all weekendand play with my new toys...

And whatta ya know...just as I am finishing this comes the snow!


  1. sounds like you have all kinds of new goodies to play with!!!

  2. Had to laugh. I wonder if those UPS men know how loved they are??? ;-)