Monday, February 16, 2009

Where Have I Been?

That's a good question...

I could post and list so many things in response to that question..

One place that I haven't been is...stamping...creating..making anything...I've just been so busy..with..all sorts of things...I have't even had time to put together enough cards for my Weekly Inspirations Video...

While I have nothing "card-ish" or "scrap-ish" to share..I can tell you that the High School's production of Beauty and the Beast was fantastic...if Gary can put together a clip of "Be Our Guest"..I'll share it here as a was sensational!

So that was Thursday evening..and we were in the Beautyand the Beast mode around here.....and then on Friday morning..the cast list was posted for Bye Bye Birdie...and...Chelsea made it!

So now we have switched gears..singing and humming Beauty and the Beast songs for the past month and a now....we are humming Bye Bye Birdie tunes!

..a little bonus is that I get relive my "youth" (ha!)..
Birdie takes me back to my own high school days at Notre Dame..where I was stage manager in our production of Birdie....36 years ago!! yikes!

Our group had our February Workshop/Crop this past Saturday...and as always..was a gettogether of some wonderful ladies..lots of fun..creativity..chatting..and some snacking in between...our workshop projects were "fast" cards...and a Valentine SB page...(a venture out of my crafty comfort zone...and I, think everyone elses as well! but it was fun!)....these are more pics that I SHOULD share here...Our next workshop/crop is on March 7th...if you're reading this..and you're a local..come join us!

On another "crafty" note....this week I hope to take some pics of donations I've received for the Card-a-Thon (I am WAY behind with that)...

And IF I get to create...I'll be sure to post pics as well...(not likely tho..being that Gary is on vacation this week..and Chelsea is off of school)

So yes..I am still here...keeping busy.....but neglecting my blog.

Hopefully by next week I'll be "back in the swing"...

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