Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Well it's Tuesday...and I am just finding the time to post this weeks WEEKLY INSPIRATIONS video..

My niece Simone continues to provide the Weekly Inspirations Cards... (THANK YOU SIMONE!)..and will do s until the Fall...after the Card-a-thon...

This week's video is Weekly Inspirations #20! Can you believe that we've shared 20 of our videos with you already!?

As always.. Simone has created a wonderful group of cards for this video... I always love her folds..and sketches...and the images she chooses to work with...and I think that after you watch this week's video..that you'll like them too!

So now...you KNOW the drill.... scroll all the way down on this page...and turn off the playlist sound so that the blog music doesn't play over the video music...

and THANK YOU GARY..xoxo..for putting together this week's Inspirations Video...


PS... I would also like to thank Kirstin for the Lovely Blog Award... I recently received this award from another blogging friend....and have shared it with so many people..

Thank you Kirstin...
If you'd like to visit Kirstin's wonderful blog.. you can see it HERE


  1. Great colors and that stamp she used is sooo cute! tfs Michelle!!!

  2. Love the videos :), great card

  3. I love the stamps, very nicely done girl@ Heidi