Friday, September 18, 2009

Tomorrow's Workshop Cards

Time is flying by...and it's already time for the monthly Workshop/Crop that I organize... and these are the cards that we will be doing during the evening "cards only" workshop

I feel like we were all just together...yet its been a month...

The monthly Workshop/Crop is lots of fun..and a nice way to spend a relaxing day scrapping and card making with a group of awesome ladies...
We start our day at 10...have a fast little bite to eat for breakfast ( its time for everyone to work independently on their own projects..we take a mid morning a break to do a small project...usually a card...
Then more independent work time...(we don't even bother to stop for schmood...who needs to eat!...when you're having a nice time AND creating...without phones ringing....doorbells ringing.....dogs to walk... errands to run...laundry to to drive here and there..dinner to cook etc)
In the afternoon we take another break for a "mini workshop" ....usually some sort of scrapbook related project..(a book..album..scrapbook page...)... then back to working independently until 3 when the daytime session ends..
Then there is a strategically planned "dinner break"..and as luck would have town has a Michael's right down the road from the church hall that we rent... and so while some of us "eat in"...some of the ladies run down to Michael's "browse".. (aka "shop")

Then at 4:30 we start the evening session.....the "Cards only Workshop"...and when that is over at 7"30...we are often feeling like we'd like it to go on for another few hours... (*thus our "talking" about doing a "Pajama Party/All Nighter" well as thinking about a weekend get-a-way)

And as if the full Saturday once a month isn't quite a few hours to scrap and card make.. we have now started a weekday get together as well for Card Making.

It's hard to imagine that a year ago that I had just started a group via wondered if anyone would join... (none of us knew one another prior to last October)...
now...we not only share our love of scrapping and card making...but we have also been blessed in sharing such nice friendships with one another...

..and a nice bonus is that I get to share what I know and love...share my tools and little tricks of the trade...and favorite products etc... and teach others.
The greatest reward comes in seeing the ladies all progress and share a tremendous amount of enthusiasm for everything I well as for what they share with one another.. (none were card makers a year ago...they were all scrappers)

Tomorrow I'll post a pic of the little mini album we will also be making..(like the pic posted below)

PS..i LOVE LOVE LOVE these Nesties" Autumn" (Leaves and acorn) dies...the embossing is fantastic ..the pic doesn't show the details very well..but the leaves are daubered with 3 different ink colors and look just like autumn leaves...


  1. Very very pretty!! I love the colors you used on this:)
    Have a wonderful weekend hun!

  2. Wow! Those leaves are nesties? They look so real. Love that fall look. Sounds like a fun group. Enjoy! :)

  3. I really like these cards Michelle! The leaves are beautiful and I can't believe they're nesties....tfs!!!

  4. Great cards! I have not seen these nesties before...they are amazing!

  5. wow - I need to get to my LSS - havent seen these nesties..your leaves look so real!
    Your group sounds so wonderful! Wish I didnt work such longer hours (actually its the commute)...would love to start something like your group! What a blessing!
    you're having a blast as I write this :)

  6. Lovely card - the embossing is beautiful.

    Your crafty day sounds just lovely - wish I could come, but it would be a long trip from England! :)

  7. Oh Michelle I think I am going to come to your workshop GF, sounds like a fun day.
    Now let me tell you how much I am loving your cards the leaves are awesome and the cards them self are just divine.
    Hope it was a fun day for you

  8. Very pretty! Your group sounds like they have a lot of fun! They sure get to make great cards with you!

  9. Love your cards! Sounds like you have a great group with which to get together. Wish I lived nearby!

  10. Very cute! Love the embossed leaves and acorns!

  11. I really love the colors, the leaves are awesome.... beautiful card.

  12. ooooh I love these dies too...and the folder... wish I could get together with you ....:-(

    Have a great week!!

  13. Love this card! So crisp and clean. :)