Monday, June 6, 2011

Cherry Cobbler...a wonderful color

Every so the creative work with something that you find that you really love...maybe a little bit more than other materials, parts, pieces and supplies that you've loved in the past....
For me...that feeling came when I decided to make some cards for next weeks workshop...using Stampin Up's Cherry Cobbler....
I like red tones..but not fire engine red...and Cherry Cobbler turned out to be a nice deep rich warm red tone...bold enough..but not shouting "look at me..but put on your sunglasses first!"

These are the 2 cards that we will be re creating at next weekends workshop...(we'll make 4 of each for a total of 8 cards)

*High 5 and thumbs up to you, Cherry Cobbler...(I think you will become a fave of mine for holiday cards this year!

*click on each pic to view details in larger format


  1. great idea to show how the colors can work masculine and feminine. TFS

  2. Oh Michelle, I love cherry cobbler too... it is my fav red. And I love ALL of your cards!

    For some reason my comments aren't posting with my google account.... but I'm not really anonymous... LOL!
    jkstampin (joan)

  3. Michele these are both darling. Cherry Cobbler looks so patriotic with the blue.

  4. Really love the embossed flowers! Wow... look's great!