Sunday, May 3, 2009

This Weeks Inspirations Video

It's Sunday!

Which means it's time for the Weekly Inspirations video!

You know the drill....

Scroll all the way down to my play list...turn off the music on my blog so that it doesn't override the video music...

Then sit back and enjoy this weeks Inspirations...

Simone... what you've created for this weeks absolutely beautiful! Thank you!

Thanks for visiting...enjoy the video..and thank you Gary, as always, for doing a great job!


  1. Love your video Michelle!!! Do we have to use You tube on our blogs to show videos, or can I just use my own program? I think we do have to use it now that im thinking about it....LOL sheeesh, Im gonna need to mess around a bit with You did a great job on it :)
    Thank you for sharing all the wonderful and pretty cards youve made!!!!


  2. What a cute card!! Thanks for the great video!! :)

  3. The inspiration is fab as always!

  4. WOW! you have some great artwork. I really like your blog, will visit again..TFS!!!