Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Mother's Day (a day late!)..and a Weekly Inspirations Video

This past week was a hectic one for me...with little time for creating...or posting to my blog...and little time to browse my favorite blogs to see what everyone else has been up to...

so...although a day late...I'd like to say...Happy Mothers day to everyone..
I hope that your day was as nice as mine..
Gary and Chelsea truly made my day special...(they totally indulged me with taking me to a local LSS a few towns away..
I'd never been there before..and loved browsing and treating myself to more than a few goodies!....then...we had dinner out..and then a nice relaxing night at home...

I would like to take one moment and a small piece of my blog to remember my mom who passed away on March 29th...this was our first Mother's Day without my Mom...without her insisting that I do not buy her a gift....without her appreciating a card..or mini scrapbook of cherished pictures I'd made her....or (pretending) to be upset that we DID buy her a gift...and the first year of me not stopping at my favorite little nursery here in town to pick up a beautiful plant for my Mom..who had the magic touch with plants and flowers...(I obviously DID NOT get that gene from her..because I am dubbed the "plant murderess" other words..if it's green? and alive?....and you'd like it to stay that way(?) won't want to give it to me..
This was also a Mother's day without me (jokingly)reminding my Mom that she is the luckiest Mother in the world..because I am her daughter (haha) which her response would always be.....

"Oh I'm the luckiest Mother twice..because I have 2 beautiful children"...(meaning my brother Michael and I)....I'd then say..."you're right Mom..but I was the cuter baby"...we'd crack up laughing and then she would always follow by reflecting and reminiscing about where the years had gone..because she felt like it was just yesterday that she gave birth to her children...

I guess this was our little "thing"..because we had this conversation for years...

but despite the huge void left by my Mom's day was a nice one...and for this..I am grateful..

...thank niece Simone is continuing to "save the day" for me by generously providing pics of her cards for the Weekly Inspirations video...

Each week she wows me with what she has created...and with so little time to make cards myself..seeing what she has done makes me REALLY wish I had a block of time to get out my "things" and immerse myself in some card making...

so... for now..I'll enjoy seeing what Simone is making..and will grab some inspiration from I hope you do, when you watch this video!

..and as always..thank you Simone for providing the card pics...and xoxo to Gary..for taking the time to put together the weekly video..

**remember to scroll down to my Playlist and mute/turn off the volume so that the Playlist music doesn't override the video music


  1. Glad you had a Happy Mother's Day....and you'll always treasure the memories of Mother's Day with your mother!

  2. What a sweet and touching tribute to your mom. I'll keep you in my prayers today. Happy Mother's day (late) to you too. :)

  3. Such a very touching post...I am glad you were able to go out and enjoy yourself. It is wonderful to always share your memories of your mother.

  4. Im glad you had a wonderful day....hugs re: mum (((xoxo)))

  5. wow those are great cards.

    M.E. aka CMCMaryD@SCS