Saturday, October 31, 2009

Bargain of the Century Blog Candy!


BLOG CANDY...Opened until Halloween
Sizzix Alpha Die Set

To have a chance to win you have to do 2 simple things...

....just leave a short comment to this post...telling me about your best and most favorite knock your sox off creative Halloween costume ever...
add a link to this candy post on your blog...either by a quick blog post...or on your sidebar..(I'll come and visit your blog too!!)

If you like my blog and want to become a follower...that'd be super...(but not required)

On Halloween night..I'll pick a name out of a pumpkin...and if YOU are the can shout TRICK OR TREAT and I'll drop this super alphabet die set right into your goodie bag!

Please be sure to scroll down to see current posts and creations...

and...good luck with your chance of winning this awesome Sizzix alphabet die set...


  1. what awesome blog candy! i already follow your blog. thanks for a chance to win.

  2. Okay, the best I have seen was one year these three guys were walking around town on Halloween night wearing these white suits... like that you would wear when you're trying to protect your clothes if you're painting a ceiling or something, and they had... REAL PUMPKINS on their heads. I had never seen anything like it. It was wicked cool. I don't know why it was cool, maybe the real pumpkins or maybe the combination of the real pumpkins and the white suits.

    I however, would never walk around with a hallowed out slimey pumpkin on my head with only holes I cut to see... no thanks!

    I'm already a follower.

  3. Hi Michelle
    What a yummy candy you have. I'm already a follower.
    The best Halloween costume I made was kind of tunique I've sewn in stripes bed sheets. It has a hood and when I wore it I painted my face and neck with the same colored stripes that were on the bed sheets (or tunique). I won the first prize of the party. No one could see my eyes; they were lost in stripes!
    Thanks for a chance to win!

  4. Wow, I don't blame you for buying them all up! I would have, too! One year, my friend (who was pregnant) wrapped herself up as a mummy, but put the "face" of the mummy where her belly was... and she stuck a paper in teh shape of one of those talking bubbles next to the face, asking "Who's your mummy?". I'm adding your post to my blog!

  5. Okay know I "NEED" this set since my local "store" did have them when I went to check after you told me...I don't have a blog so I'll have to rely on my luck for this one comment :-) As for costumes...I went as SpongeBob once...but my favorite one I'd like to do is to go with a friend and dress totally blue, blue make up, blue hair wears a name tag saying Jean and the other Gene...then when asked you say that you are a pair of Blue Jeans!! Ha Ha HA cute hey...I've never seen it but read it somewhere..I think that would be sooo funny. Anyway have a great weekend!!!

  6. Sounds like something I would have done, driving like a mad woman for a great bargain!!
    How fun that must have been Michelle! Have a super fun weekend!!


  7. Wow What a great deal!!! I laughed at your descritiption of the sales girl at the craft store...That sooo would have been me too, fill up the cart and dont stop until I have them all!!! :)

    Thanks for sharing your shopping adventure, it made my day! {dang I wish I had been there}

  8. Oh, Michelle! I can see your shopping trip in my mind...Oh, that I could have been with you! Sounds like such fun :o)
    My favorite Halloween costume is my son's. He is 30 now, and if he doesn't wear it, people would be SO is a full sized regular garbage can! We cut the bottom out of it, and flaps in the back, where his arms and head would be. Then we padded the inside where it rests on his shoulders. We screwed the lid on, and he gets inside, and we sit it among some other trash cans down by the sidewalk where hundreds of people walk by on Halloween. He is SO FUNNY when he talks to people, and they can't figure out where he is, or he jumps up, and people scream and run, or the head pops up, and one lady dumped a glass of water right in her own face!! Then folks will stand around by the dozens and watch other people walk by! The funniest part is getting the same people over and over again!

    Anyway, that's my story! I am a happy follower of your wonderful blog, and will tell my readers about your blog candy.

    Happy Fall to you.

  9. I heard about this sale a little late, they were all gone when I got there! I am sure the sales lady was wondering what you were going to do with all those alphabet sets!

    I love Halloween and dressing up. I have two favorites, both sewn by my mom (even though I was an adult for both of these!) One year I was Pinnochio, complete with little shoe covers and an outfit like he wears in the animated movie. The other was a spider, she made me a large body and then six arms that were attached with fishing wire and those were attached to my arms, it was great!

  10. Hi Michelle,
    I am working on my cards now and I hope to be able to post them soon. I'm making 13 of them and am using craft ink. As you know, it takes a little while to dry. I will be out of town tomorrow, but will be back Sunday.
    Yes, your NY accent does make me feel like I'm at home.
    I'm glad you like my blog. I'm a Stamper and ofter refer to myself as the Anit-Scrapper. All my friends Scrapbook, but I promised my DH that I would not get into that too. I have my hand in a lot of different things! Love your Blog! TFL!

  11. Hi Michelle! What great candy..."such a deal you got"!!! My favorite costume is one I made for my daughter when she was 2 years old (and we were living on L.I.) I dressed her up as a 'bag lady' with a long hideous patterned dress, pants underneath, mismatched sweater, kerchief on her head and carrying a crumpled Macy's bag! Only in NY!!!!


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  13. Hi Michelle -- I just wanted you to know how much I have enjoyed using your tutorial on the accordian Halloween card. I've posted one that I made following your example on my blog and given you credit. ( Please let me know if this is O.K. To follow the thread, my most fav costume was when I put together a Carmen Miranda Hat laden down with fruit.

  14. Hi! Hmm let's see my best halloween outfit would have to be last years! Alittle sexy, but it totally knocked the sox off my bf! Halloween is our anniversary too - it'll be 3 yrs this yr! So I posted some pics on my blog since they are worth a thousand words :) and gave ya a shout out! Check it out here-

  15. I'm not the best at coming up with Halloween costumes, but my favorite was the toothfairy - with gorgeous butterfly wings and a glittery dress and rotten bubba teeth (I'm a hygienist in a pedo office, so this was a really big hit). I am posting you in my sidebar of my blog.

  16. OK, long story, but my personal best costume was in college when I was a bag of jelly bean. I made it by a clear garbage bag, decorated to look like Braches Candy bag and fill it full of small color ballons for the jelly beans. The bad part was there was a guy there that was dressed as Tim the tool man and he had a staple everytime he walked past me he would shoot me with the staple gun to pop a the end of the evening all my jelly bean were gone and I was down to my lycra jumpsuit, which I think was his intention. The good news was I was still in college long before my children and my figure was alot better than it is now. LOL. Thanks for offering this great blog candy and I do hope you'll check out my blog

  17. Finally, remembered to come back and enter your wonderful giveaway. I did try when you first posted but my computer was having issues. lol. Being in Oz we don't really do Halloween but I did see the cutest little pumpkin outfits the other day in the shop for a toddler. Thanks for the chance Michelle.

  18. The best costume I ever wore was a Tornado. It was right after the movie Twister and I attached a toy cow to my shirt along with other "debris." The link to my blog post is
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  19. Hey Mish! Great candy...I don't actually WANT it LOL but I'll add you to my side bar :) Let's see...the best costume for me was probably the year I went out as a "lady of the night" lol...I remember putting on about 4 pairs of hose to try to keep warm!

    Hope all is well.

  20. I would have to say, this year. DD, Kara, made Mr. Kain his costume. He is going as WALL-E. She did a awesome job on it. Basically made from a boxes, formula cans, ballcap,duck tape, and paint.
    Sue Danko