Monday, January 24, 2011

Drum Roll please.....a Fast Card-a-Thon Update!

Hi Everyone..

The Card-a-Thon was yesterday..and it was a HUGE success.

Are you sitting???

Our grand total for the day was....3185 cards!!!! read it right... in one day we created 3185 cards for our Military Heroes

Last year we created 1754 cards in one day at the Card-a-Thon and this year we had hoped to create 2000 3185 is a thrill!

The Card-a-Thon could never have been the tremendous success that it was....without all of my SU and SCS friends who have been shipping supplies and materials to me...and Pastor Janet Porcher of the Oceanside First United Methodist Church  for generously donating the churches spacious hall to us for the day (as she did last year)...
Thank You to...Marcie from ucutathome(.com) .... Diana from Scor-Pal .... Stampington and Company ....and my wonderful local friends who donated all of the materials and supplies...along with a group of wonderful dedicated and hard working volunteers who attended and created all of the fantastic cards!

My Thank You cannot be complete without adding an extra thank you to all of my monthly workshop ladies who have worked with me behind the scenes during the past months prepping materials....cutting ...scoring.....embossing....sorting have all been so generous of yourselves..and your time...and are very much the backbone of this event!

You are all appreciated beyond what words can convey!

Thank you Thank you Thank you!

PS...Today I am in the "recovery mode"...but will be back in a few days to post some photos of the day


  1. FANTASTIC news, Michelle!!! I am so tickled the Cardathon was such a huge success!! Hope you get to tell us how many people were assembling cards and how LONG you were at it yesterday!! What an immense accomplishment!! The folks at Operation Write Home are going to be FLOORED!! Congratulations and Kudos to you and all of your ladies and volunteers too, for a job well done!!

  2. Happy that you and the ladies Mish. That number was super awesome (just like Jackie often say it, LOL)! I'm sure the troops will be flooded with wonderful handmade cards. Take care dear...

  3. Just stopping by to join in on the drum roll!!! Congratulations!!!!

    Erika and Sebastian

  4. Arrived here from your comment left on Amazing Grace's 31 Days blog site. So glad I came today. I'm stunned with the news of your Cardathon. Can't imagine a greater success! Congratulations and a huge God Bless You (just for being involved in this undertaking) to everyone who did anything that helped create 3185 cards in one day to donate to the troops!