Saturday, March 5, 2011

Catching up...

It's still cold out here on Long Island..but we have sunshine..and chirping I am hopeful that soon I'll see those beautiful crocuses poking their lavender heads thru the ground by our driveway....
Once I see those little purple flowers blooming...I'll know that I can do my Welcome Spring happy dance!

I won't profess to be doing any Spring cleaning yet...but I am feeling like I at least need to give more attention to my much neglected blog...and so I'm sharing a few photos of the cards that I whipped up for last month's card Making workshop...

The workshop ladies loved both cards..specially the square one..that fits into a std CD envelope (the kind with the clear round window on the front)

This weekend I'll be creating 2 additional cards..and prepping the kits for next weekend's Card Making Workshop...and will be sure to share photos here when they're done)..but first..I'll be back wiht a few Valentine card cuties that I think you'll like a lot :)

I hope that these cards inspire you..and lead you to your create some cards of your own!

Have a great weekend!

Wish the Dazzling Diamonds on the blooms in the photo showed'll just have to take my word about how pretty it looks... :)

PS....My cupcake top was sitting a bit high on top of the cupcake...(don;t you think??) i lowered it right after this photo was taken..and it looked much better...


  1. I love your color choices. Not colors I would think to put together, but they are great! That cupcake is just darling!

  2. Very cool how you coordinated with the window on the cd case, i'll be casing this idea!