Tuesday, December 23, 2008

First try at a Step Box

Today I was feeling under the weather..didn't do much at all..but at about 4 pm I felt a little bit better...felt like "making" somehthing...didn't know what I wanted to make..but I knew iI didn't feel like making a card...so... I decided to give a "Step Box" a try.
I put out an S.O.S to a Splitcoast friend..Lisa..for the template/instructions etc..remembering that she once had pics of the one she made..on her blog..
Sure enough..Lisa got back to me and saved the day with a link for the instructions! (*Thanks Lisa!)

We have 4 little pieces of jewlery for my mom..part of her Christmas gift...and I thought that a Step Box would work perfectly...
I had to adjust the instructions a little bit (Didn't like how the liner (paper) was done in the directions..so i did a little change and wha-la! Much better!I'd definitely make another of these...they're fun to make and are unique....I think.
So here are a few pics of my first Step Box...

Here's a link to Lisa's blog..you can see her beautiful box..and the link to Terri D's instructions.....in case you'd like to try making one too!
(Thanks Lisa..and Terri !)
This 'n' That: Stepper Box


  1. Love it Mish!! Where are the directions??

  2. oh, it's soooo cute! So did you just piece the liner on instead of making it one long piece?

  3. you make this look incredibly easy!!