Sunday, December 14, 2008

What happened to having a relaxing day?

I have no idea where my intentions of Gary, Chelsea and I having a quiet relaxing day never happened!

I was up at the crack today and worked for a few hours..then started making cards for monogrammed sets that I have ordwers for..and need to be done midweek...
While I was inside doing the mongrams...Gary and Chelsea put up the lights and other Christmas decorations outside...we almost pooped out on doing it this year...but having a little boy living upstairs now motivated us to make the house look "Christmassy" for him....once it was done..we were so glad that we did it...but the best part was hearing from his mom that he loved it when he saw it all lit up tonight! yay!
Gary spent the rest of his day working on a few projects on line..Chelsea went Christmas Shopping locally with friends..and me??...guess what??? guessed it...I worked on more monograms!

Gary also upoaded this weeks Card Inspirations to here it is...enjoy!
(Some of these cards were in my archived pictures ...and really brought back some card making memories..and made me realize how much my "style" has changed!)

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