Sunday, December 28, 2008

True Confessions.....'s time for me to come clean...
I have to confess..since Dec 23rd the kitchen counter has been a heaping mass of paper..glue of paper..ribbon etc etc etc.....and today is THE day that i am (supposedly) clearing it up...(*NOTE: here I sit!)

We casually mentioned that we would make this long holiday weekend one of pure relaxation....and maybe do some tidying up on Satuday...yesterday...(ha! as IF that ever happened) as of today it's bed alarm clocks..and no laundry..(imagine that? me the laundroholic not doing laundry for a few days?) get the idea...

But now..after 5 days of "relaxation"... I am feeling a bit guilty and just put in a load of laundry..and have started to sift thru the mountain of "stuff" on the kitchen counter...(*NOTE: no pictures to share of the mess)

Gary has been busy all day working on our business website..(giving it a facelift and making some changes...) and Chelsea is dealing with her own monumental her this weeks Card Inspirations (video) may be a day late..if it's done tonight..I'll be back to post it!

PS..there is a method to my madness..If i get the countertop cleared up..I'll get out my Cuttlebug and try the Pierceabilities that I got for Christmas!!

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