Friday, December 19, 2008

An Icy Messy Friday

This is a good day/weekend to be in the house..working on a project...
We are...for the most part...all set for Christmas...and so I can relax and make some cards...maybe try some papercrafts..(I want to make a little box that I made the other day..but make a cover for it..I'm not'll be one of those "try it and see" projects...Im also thining of trying (*note: i say "trying") to make it into a sliding match box kind of box...wishme luck! haha

I'll post some pics if anyting turns out "normal" looking...

If you haven't emailed me to ask for Nick's address (*see prior post)..please do it he improved prayers are being heard..and answered...but our work isn't done yet..please consider sending him a will lift his spirits and let him know that he is being thought of and prayed for.

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