Friday, December 12, 2008

Sneek Peek: Dec 12th Workshop Project ~ Stocking Stuffer

Well, I am keeping my promise to devote a piece of each day to keep up on my blog...and here I am!

Tonight I am hosting my December Workshop/Crop...5 hours devoted to scrapbooking...card making..and paper crafting!! We will be a small group this month...4 in all.

How can anyone spend 5 hours doing this stuff you wonder? Well..firstly..most people who "do this"..are totally addicted and passionate about all things paper, rubber and 5 hours of time dedicated to what you love passes quickly...
Usually we meet on the first Saturday of each month...10am-3pm...this month, however, our location was not available on the first we are getting together tonight..(oo la la...a "night out on the town"!!)

Unfortunately...nourishment is a necessary thing..otherwise we'd all skip the food and "get right to it"..and start creating!
Our routine is: a fast breakfast (bagels, muffins, juice etc..)..but tonight we'll start off with a fast pizza delivery and antipasto salad...and continue with our regular's pizza and a salad... followed by some free creative work time when everyone gets to work on their own current project....then a mini workshop (card making or paper crafting project/make and take) work time.. (if it's our usual saturday get together..this wold be lunch time)...more free work time...a
2nd mini workshop (scrapbooking/make and take a page)..and yes...nourishment by way of a snack...and we end the workshop/crop with more free creative work time...and then while we pack up...we whine and moan because it's over...and then we all agree that we can't believe that 5 hours passed so quickly.

Tonight..will make this too-cute magnetic backed note holder...a great stocking stuffer..and oh so easy to's a fast project that gives instant gratification...and makes you feel like making a bunch more!

PS...if you click on the photo it will enlarge and you'll see all of the blingy detail...

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