Wednesday, April 8, 2009

All Ink ... Colored ..Matted Images Needed

If you've been thinking of doing "something" for the card-a-thon..but aren't quite so sure as to "what" that "something" might might be interested in this!

If anyone would like to stamp out some INK ONLY images...and mat them..they would be a fantasic addition to the card-a-thon donations...and will particularly useful for volunteers (that day) who are not experienced card makers...

Any and all INK ONLY matted images would be so very much appreciated...
(ie matted on a punched background..nesties mat etc..)

(If you prefer to color and mat...this is also a much needed item..along with dispenser style rolls of double sided tape)

you can read about the card-a-thon here...on my blog.. (more specificaly....the March 19th post)

Card Candy lovers can donate via Susan's wonderful swap thread at:

and while you're visiting here...please be sure to comment under the blog candy post on the current blog page...for a chance to win!

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