Friday, April 24, 2009

Not Half Bad......I guess..

I have a few things that remind myself to do...every so often...(and I usually approach it with the same lack of enthusiasm as a teenager being told to clean their room)
#1. I deliberately pick out a stamp set that I have long forgotten about...and make a conscious effort to us it.
#2. I go through my INSANE stash of paper...and commit to using at least some of what was left in a paper pack or pad...that I was not particularly crazy about.
#3. I WADE thru my endless collection of embellishments..(the "leftovers")..and pick a handful of things out..and promise myself that I'll use them.

Sometimes. I pick only one of the dreaded tasks above..and sometimes..I commit to combining a few of the things listed making a few ..or even one card...
The reason I say "dreaded" is because I think that we are all pretty much alike...we LOVE certain things that we have...and enjoy using it/them...but we always have the things that we weren't loving that much..and it lays there..unused...(* and the REAL craziness ceoms because we all also have the things that we love..but hate to us e because we don't want to run out of it...and never have it ony,a REALLY good card making/scrapping friend will disclose this insane thought process to you..and vice versa)

This card is one of "those cards"...

The print paper was one that I looked at and thought....ewwww..that'd never ,make a nice card...and so a few sheets of it from a 12/x 12 pad were here..being ignored.

The layered flower is "leftover pieces" from a HUGE box of flower parts that I bought from QVC, when they had one of their all day Paper Crafting Shows...the orignal pkg had about 500 flower parts...some were beautiful..and I used them up in a flash...some were just "ok"..and I used them as well..and some were ridicuulousy horrendous and suitable ONLY for the trash can, in my opinion...

These parts were in the "just ok" category.and have been sitting here..unused for years...

So this is my "leftover card...made with bits and pieces of materials and supplies that I had long ago abandoned...

in the end...I'd have to say..."it ain't half bad'!


  1. You sound just like me. I need to try your little challenge for myself. I just wish somebody would tell me what to do with those papers in the big stacks that look like photos of grass (or clouds, or ugly Christmas ornaments). I love your card BTW - and I have some of that exact same paper!

  2. Very pretty, and I love the dp, and the colors!!!!

  3. I think you did an incredible job. I need to follow you example and use my growing stash before buying new!

  4. Very Pretty Michelle. so bright and cheery, Looks like sring has arrived

    Sue Danko

  5. Love it! So bright and cheerful Makes me think of summer.

  6. I think this is a wonderful leftover card. Well done on being so brave.

  7. Well, I think it turned out pretty cute, and what a great way to use up your stash! :D

  8. What a fab card - love the bright cheerful colours and great design x

  9. Not Half Bad you guess? Michelle this is gorgeous I love the spring like colors on this and the layer you added using the cuttlebug folder.