Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter...and this week's Inspirations

Happy Easter everyone!

This week passed so quickly..I realized just how fast the week passed when I saw Gary working on this week's Inspiraitons video last night..

I am slowly getting back into my cards...and finding bits and pieces of time to sit and create a bit...I and have a few projetcs to plan and prep this week for my weekend Workshop/Crop...and the new Card Making Workshop that will start this coming Saturday...the ideas that I do have are "in my head"..and have yet been transferred to card stock...hopefully I'll be "in the groove" this week..and put the ideas to card stock and make it all work!

And by the fun loving wacky pal Sue and I signed on for yet another spot in the white on white swap...making this a 6th spot for each of us..and a total of 36 cards each! this is another little project on schedule for this coming week..

Actually...we have a quiet-stay-at-home-Easter Day I might just find time to make that 6th card today!

Enjoy Simone's Weekly Insirations ..and be sure to take a second peek at her adorable little box!

Thanks, Simone, for providing this weeks Inspiraitons! xoxo...

...and Happy Easter to all of my blogging-blurfing-card making-rubber-ink-stamp loving-scrappaholic friends!

P.S....don't forget to scroll down to mute the playlist music on my that it doesn't play over the video music!

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