Saturday, April 4, 2009

Do you like to color?

Are you like me?

When I am involved with coloring images..I feel like I am so relaxed...its's so enjoyable..

Someimes I'll spend a week working ONLY on coloring images..and then the following week will make cards using the images...This is particularly helpful to me wheh I am needing to make "oodles" of cards just seems to go much faster when I've got a nice stash of "ready-to-go" images to work with

If you enjoy might be interested in this thread...
Colored "ready-to-go" Images for the Card-a-Thon
Gathering up donations of "ready-to-go" images will really allow the volunteers at the card-a-thon to make a greater number of cards on October 10th!

How about getting out your 6 favorite images..stamping 6 of each of them out..coloring them a mat (punch or nestie)..and sending them in as a card-a-thon donation!..You'd be giving the volunteers a HUGE head start on 36 cards..for 36 soldiers!

So get out your fav stamps..copics..markers..pencils..and inks..
your images will be part of ths events success!

P.S. If you like making card candy..check out Susan's thread dedicated to the card-a-thon and our US soldiers THANK YOU SUSAN! xoxo
Patriotic Red White and Blue Card Candy Swap
(now we know why Susan has the scs name that she has!)

and finally...for the complete donation list:
on scs: Card-a-Thon Info and Donation List

(or visit the March archives of this blog


  1. I have so many colored so far... It is a nice thing to do while watching tv in the evening or waiting in the dr office.

  2. I have some left over from when I would stamp and color for a swap and then not need all the colored images for the I will put some of them into my box for you. It is rapidly filling. :D