Saturday, April 11, 2009

My Final All White Swap Card....

I was determined to complete my final cards for the all white swap today...and I did!

I wasn't sure if I could dig up any creativity..but I did manage to come out in the end with 12 cards..before midnight!..

I kept tweeking this card..
First of all..I scouted around the web...SCS and some craft sites for a template for the dress...none of them were what I was looking made my own...which really was now have a template that fits nicely on A2 cards...

I made a dress card...and liked how it turned out..loved the embossing..the swiss dots apron...the neckline that I punched out with half of the curly label punch....but it looked like somethng was missing..the card seemed so small standing all alone...

Then I remembered cards that I used to make all of the time..but haven't done in a while...using a postcard style A2 sized piece of card stock (in other words..using just the front of an A2 card as the "postcard" base)....then layered it with an embossed layer of card stock....and the dress attached to the front..(the dress opens the greeting can be written inside..

Once I did this..I liked the card...and the tweeking was over!

I have to admit..I'm kind of sad that I am finished with the cards for my spots in the all white swap...this was such a fun swap..and now I am totally hooked on white on white..

Thanks Ruth for a terrifc swap!
(Ruth's Summer Whites Card Swap)

So...this is my final All White Swap Card.....or IS it?????


  1. Awww, this is osoooo sooo pretty!!!!

  2. Beautiful white on white cards. I am looking for ideas for a Baptism card and your white on white have inspired me. TYFS