Friday, April 10, 2009

An Early Morning Trip to Michael's

Well..I was up and out at what I call "the crack" today...

Michael's had a 30% off coupon event (reg priced items) from 8 a.m - 1 pm today...and I was on a mission..

An hour later I was back home..happy as a clam..mission accomplished...with my 14 Iris 12 x 12 paper holder/craft boxes in well as oodles of other things that were a "must have" at 30% off...

As it tunred out..the Iris craft boxes (usually $8.99 each) were on sale today for $4.99...which means I did better with the sale price than I would have with the 30% off coupon..(saved an additional $1 each wiht today's sale price)..the stock manager was a sweetie..went to the stock room and brought out 3 sealed boxes of them..I took 14 today..adding them to the 6 I bought on now I have 20 12 x 12 boxes that I HOPE will be helpful in allowing me to getmy paper in order..

I also took advantage of the coupon offer and stocked up..(stocked in..i literally WIPED the store out of every pkg of self adhesive gems and flat backed pearls they had...Martha Stewart..MAMBI...K and Co etc...)

I also picked up a few MS punches..and a Changito and a few quote/sentiment stamps. an extra set of CB "B" plates...some watercolor water supplies..(brushes.. paper.. markers..etc)

Chelsea was with me..and topped the purchase off with a bag of Chex Mix for herself!

And here I am back home..ready to wave my magic wand and re-organize my out of control paper stash with the 20 Iris boxes that I now have!

The 30% coupon sale is on until 1 click here for your coupon..and hurry on over to Michael's

But if you're a local..don't expect to find any self adhesive gems or pearls..remember..I bought every single pkg that my Mike's had!

Happy Shopping!


  1. I'm off to Michael's in just a bit, too...sounds like you found lots of goodies! ;)

  2. WOW! and I thought I was excited about my coupon. Glad you were able to get some stuff. :D