Thursday, April 30, 2009

And the Winner is......



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Thanks to everyone who has visited my blog...expressed an interest in supporting the Card-a-Thon by sending a donation...posted a kind comment....or joined as a follower..

I have always enjoyed giving ...more than sending this Blog Candy off to L.Ann is my pleasure!

and here's the drawing.... (it has pls scroll down...turn off the playlist music so that it doesn't override the video...and me and my wonderful New York Accent!)

A Short and Sweet Post...

Today is the closing day for the Blog Candy comments (see post above)..
I'd love to have everyone who visits my blog,have a chance to win... if you haven't posted a fast comment..take a sec to do it now!

All comments and followers will be entered..and the winner will be picked tonight...the old fashioned way...(everyone's name on a slip of paper and a winner drawn by Chelsea)

I'll post the winner tomorrow..

So if you see your name sure to email me no later than Sunday that I can send your goodies off to you Monday!

Good Luck everyone!!
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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

TODAY'S THE DAY! APRIL 30th BLOG CANDY...Winner to be drawn this evening and posted tomorrow! (Closing Candy Post/Comments at 10 p.m. tonight)

I'm reposting about the Blog simplify...


If you didn't read the original post about the Blog Candy and the Card-a-Thon...i should tell you that the blog candy is a little something that I am offerig as a thank you to all who take a moment to comment below this post...or join as a "Follower" to this blog... AND help me spread the word about the Card-a-Thon by posting a link to my blog..on YOUR blog.. get your hand into the Candy Bowl here's what you need to do:

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*more about the Card-a-Thon here (blog post dates March 19th): Card-a-Thon

and on SCS at: ISO Card-a-Thon Donations

Whiff of Joy Blog Candy

Be sure to visit the Whiff of Joy Blog to see their fantastic Blog Candy giveaway for 2 Elisabeth Belle Summer Kits! The winners will be picked on May 1st.

If you've never visited the WOJ'll love it..and will definitely be hooked!

A Card-less day..... Blog candy: 1 Day to Go!.....and Card-a-Thon Update with an S.O S. for Adhesives

Just one more day to go until a Blog Candy Winner is chosen! The Candy post will remain opened until midnight tomorrow (April 30th)..and a winner will be drawn on May 1st..and posted here on the blog!

Good Luck Everyone!
(If you're reading this post..and haven't commented under the blog candy post yet...go!! do it now! you'll have a chance to win what's posted in the pic above!

...and it's time for me to thank everyone who posted a link on their own help me get the word out about the Card-a-thon...

The Card-a-thon is coming along nicely...the Oceanside First United Methodist Church has been so kind in donating their church hall for the day..October 11th...

Some of the ladies who attend the Workshops/Crops that I organize every month have offered to help out with prepping materials..and at our May Workshops/Crop..they will begin taking home card stock to cut..score..etc....all of which is a HUGE help!

I have been receiving donations...primarily from SCS-ers and blog visitors who have contacted me and offered to "clean-out" their personal it up..and send it to me....everything has been wonderful..and in looking thru the boxes..I see all sorts of things that will be useful and appreciated that day....

Donations from "companies" has not been as successful...
Most tell me that the economy has forced them to limit donations...other have told me that I am not a "large charity organization"..and have declined the invitation to donate...2 "companies" have donated thus far...

* (Thank you Marcie!)
*Scor-Pal (Thank you Diana!)

In as much as i was SO pleased to have such generous product donations from Diana and Marcie...the poor response from companies is a disappointment..considering the dozens and dozens of companies that I have contacted (that we all know and give our business to)

....but I am not one to become discouraged..and so I'll continue to contact companies..(there are oodles of them out there..) hopes of a better response...

IF you are an individual and would like to make a donation...the primary..and largest need right now is for the following:

***ADHESIVES: double sided tape (in dispensers)...glue dots/all sizes...adhesive runners (snail style...Xyron..Tombow etc)

***Pre-cut and scored A2 cards in white, ivory and LIGHT colors (so that the soldiers can use a reg pen to sign the inside)

*** Colored images (all types) that are matted on one additional layer of (any color) card stock (punched, hand cut, nestied) and ready to go

***Card stock (all colors) cut to 4 x 5 1/4...for card fronts and Cuttlebugging
OR if you love your BUG like I do..Cuttlebugged cardstock (all colors) 4 x 5 1/4 that had been Cuttlebugged

Donations of these 4 items is essential to the success of this event..and remain the biggest challenge thus far.

If you would like to make a materials/supplies donation, please email me at

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I am Loving the Bigz Beautiful Butterflies Die....

Yesterday I mentioned that I am loving my BIGZ Beautiful Butterflies die...I like the shape of the full butterfly itself..and the size...and as if loving it isn't enough...I had to run the butterfly thru my Cuttlebug..and so now... I'm totally bonkers for it..

and speaking of bonkers....I am still going crazy with Ruth's White on White swap..I think I made an error when I posted yesterday's white card...when I said it was card #9...that was actually card #8...and today's butterfly card is #9...
(...I guess you KNOW that you're over the edge with White on White Swap cards when you can't keep track of how may you've

I like to use dimensionals when layering different CB patterns....because I think it brings out the textures and contrasts more...and so I used dimensionals on the photo corners...and flipped the butterfly wings up...for added depth.

And now.... off to the drawing board for White on White card #10...

Thanks for visiting!

(P.S....2 more days for the Blog if you are visiting and haven't posted a comment to the Blog Candy post sure to make a fast pitstop there now and to make a you'll have a chance to win!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Yes..I'm still at it with the White on White Cards....

Well...I've been keeping a low profile about it..but now the truth is out..

I have secretly been working on white on white cards for Ruth's which I now have 10 spots...(lol) read it right..10 spots!

I figured that if I openly confessed to taking a few More spots, I'd be written off as being insane...but I am thoroughly enjoying working with white...and so..with some egging on from my SCS friend and co-hort, Sue....we have both signed on for 10spots!...

Sue is actually one spot behind me #9...but I suspect that she will be joining me for #10 very soon!

This card is for my #9 spot in the swap...and was a fun card to make...

I am LOVING the Sizzix Bigz Beautiful Butterflies Die...and am exploring mixing CB embossed patterns/textures and layers..and enjoying it tremendously!

Thanks for visiting...and don't forget to comment above at the Blog Candy post...if you haven't already!

Just 3 days to go!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Weekly Inspirations.....

Wow..the days and weeks are flying by...

I can't believe that it's time again for a Weekly Inspirations Video..

Thanks, as always, to my niece Simone..for providing beautiful inspiring cards...and a she is also sharing a pic of a very special treat keep an eye out for it in the video!

Now it's time for me to get bossy:
scroll down to my playlist and turn off the sound so that it doesn't override the video music...which is sure to pep you up and have you tapping your foot!

and..after you watch this weeks sure to scroll up to the top of the blog..and post a comment under the blog candy for a chance to win...(just a few days left!)

and finally...(this is the last bossy thing I'll say...
...sit back and enjoy Simone's Weekly Inspirations...

and xoxo Gary..for taking the time and care putting together this weeks Inspirations video..

Workshop Card Variation: For those who don't need "Guy Cards"

This is the feminine version of yesterdays Guy Cards for the May Workshop..

This card is made with the same materials and basic techniques as yesterday's masculine cards.. (su cs: choc chip, always artichoke, very vanilla...the ink is su classic choc chip...)....the only difference is the feminine image ..and addition of a bauble on the hat...and the card base is ivory.

I think that most people need a guy card now and then..but...just in case one/some the ladies isn't fond of "guy cards"..I wanted to have something for them to work on..and this is what I came up with...(I acquired this stamp on a SCS PIF thread...and love it because it's a vintage style image)

Thanks for visiting..and please be sure to comment above for a chance to win the Blog Candy!...only 4 more days to go!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

May Workshop: Cards for the Guys.....(and "Home Sweet Home" Challenge Card)

Masculine cards always seems to be scarce...even when I make cards..I find that most of them are on the feminine side...the cutesy side...the girly side...

Some days,I make a conscious choice to make "guy cards" only...and actually..I just swapped out and mailed the cards for a Masculine Card Swap that I hosted on SCS... which, by the way..were all fantastic..and inspiring!

For my May "Cards Only" Workshop..I thought I'd have everyone give "guy cards" a try....afterall..Father's Day is getting near..and there's always a need for guy-ish birthday cards...

At the Workshops..we always make 2 variations..using the same materials/supplies/stamp set)

The challenge is that most of the people coming are beginner card makers..and haven't yet tried precise matting,...coloring..2-step we are at the beginning stages of learning card making... is my desire and have them leave each Workshop, having made cards that are NOT easily identifiable as being "beginner" cards...and having them WOW themselves with what they have created and accomlpished..

In May...I wanted to
*make "guy cards" with an ink only" image
*not induce frustration with techniques that are too complex....and keep it all very basic and simple..
*use the SU "Backwoods" stamp set
*create a "background" paper by using a stamp and ink
*incorporate paper tearing (and distressing) ....a simple new technique for the group
*introduce shading using ink and daubers
*use a small asst of materials..also to minimize being overwhelmed with things like color combos...embellishments
*enjoy using the Cuttlebug..(hard to see here.. but the base layer of choc chip cs is embossed with leafy branch)

and so...these are the "guy cards" that we will be making at the May Cards only Workshop..

*I'm double dipping with the log cabin card and will also use it as my entry for the Cuttlebugchallenge Blog weekly challenge #28.......because it was inspired by the blogs Wednesday "Home Sweet Home" challenge...

*Tomorrow I will share the optional "feminine" version..using the same basic materials...but a different stamp/sentiment..which will be offered for those who might not have a need for masculine cards..

PS...If you like using natural hemp like it MUST look for a ball/spool of Natural Hungarian Hemp in your local hardware store or in the odds and ends aisle of your supermarket!
This hemp is fantastic...and one spool will last you a lifetime....and the cost is under $2...

Friday, April 24, 2009

Not Half Bad......I guess..

I have a few things that remind myself to do...every so often...(and I usually approach it with the same lack of enthusiasm as a teenager being told to clean their room)
#1. I deliberately pick out a stamp set that I have long forgotten about...and make a conscious effort to us it.
#2. I go through my INSANE stash of paper...and commit to using at least some of what was left in a paper pack or pad...that I was not particularly crazy about.
#3. I WADE thru my endless collection of embellishments..(the "leftovers")..and pick a handful of things out..and promise myself that I'll use them.

Sometimes. I pick only one of the dreaded tasks above..and sometimes..I commit to combining a few of the things listed making a few ..or even one card...
The reason I say "dreaded" is because I think that we are all pretty much alike...we LOVE certain things that we have...and enjoy using it/them...but we always have the things that we weren't loving that much..and it lays there..unused...(* and the REAL craziness ceoms because we all also have the things that we love..but hate to us e because we don't want to run out of it...and never have it ony,a REALLY good card making/scrapping friend will disclose this insane thought process to you..and vice versa)

This card is one of "those cards"...

The print paper was one that I looked at and thought....ewwww..that'd never ,make a nice card...and so a few sheets of it from a 12/x 12 pad were here..being ignored.

The layered flower is "leftover pieces" from a HUGE box of flower parts that I bought from QVC, when they had one of their all day Paper Crafting Shows...the orignal pkg had about 500 flower parts...some were beautiful..and I used them up in a flash...some were just "ok"..and I used them as well..and some were ridicuulousy horrendous and suitable ONLY for the trash can, in my opinion...

These parts were in the "just ok" category.and have been sitting here..unused for years...

So this is my "leftover card...made with bits and pieces of materials and supplies that I had long ago abandoned...

in the end...I'd have to say..."it ain't half bad'!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

CAS meets Piercing...

Every so often I go on a piercing kick...

I love CAS cards..gussied up with some piercing...

I find it to be so relaxing..and I really like the look..

I first fell in love with piercing in 1989 when my husband and I went to Bucks County (PA) for a long weekend....I remember that we stayed at a Victorian Bed and Breakfast called The Wedgewood Inn...

Bucks County is a wonderland of fantastic shopping places..lots of Inns..bed and breakfast places..local theater....soem tourist type places like "Washington's Crossing"..and a wonderful outdoor "Craft" Fair with an extraordinary group of Artisans who sell what they create...their unique work and creativity and skills can knock you over..

There is also a little shopping area there called "Peddler's Village..with nice little shops of all sorts...set up in a a small little village with walking streets

This is where I found a gorgeous little lamp with a pierced shade a shop called The Shady Lady...when that lamp was turned on..the shade was so beautiful....I had that lamp..with the pretty shade... until a few years ago..when we remodelled the house..when the contractor moved it....broke the base of the lamp..and crushed the shade...(kind of a sad day for me..because I always loved that lamp and the way it looked when lit up...)

I always say...if I ever go back to Buck's County...I'll make a bee-line for The Shady lady and replace that lamp...(and maybe buy a few others)...

Piercing is so relaxing...and it adds a nice touch to CAS cards..either as a focal point..or as a small detailed touch for interest and texture....

So what do I think about piercing?...(as if you haven't already gathered)

I'd lean towards saying...its wonderful...puts your head in a "happy place" as you immerse yourself in it......and can be addictive...
(kind of like ice cream!)

P.S...if you enjoy blog-hopping...visit us HERE on Splitcoaststampers

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Giving Spring a Helping Hand....

It seems that Spring just doesn't want to come to Long Island this year!..
this card seems to be as close to Spring as we will get today...because it's (another) dreary, rainy...cold day...
Sunshine and warmer days seem to not be able to find us!...

This card is a pot pourri of products...Stampin Up DSP and image and cs (gussied up with the SU scallop egde punch and CB-ed with Swiss Dots...PTI ribbon, GP 110 white cs with a Nestied cut/edge...and of beloved aquapainter and SU classics for color.

As for Spring(?)...I guess that for now..this sunny yellow flower seems to be as much Spring as I'll be getting today!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

An Oldie but a Goodie.....

There are so amny wonderful and fantastic current SU stamp sets out well as a very welcomed plethora of wonderful stamps from what I call a "gazilion" companies..old and new...but sometimes..I just like to enjoy making cards with my "old favorites"...

This is one of those favorite older SU images/sets...and a gem that I got from a SCS PIF/Swap thread...I think that it's just so sweet...(I am THE worst person for knowing the names of older sets...sorry)

I LOVE making card wiht this set at Valentiee's day...but...every so often I take it out...and make a card ..or 2...or 3.....even though it's not Valentine's day..simply because I like this set so much!

This is a fun image to color and I always seem to go back to including red and the Cuttlebug swiss Dots Embossing Folder......because they seem to be "natrals" for this card....

Now that I've done the little girl...maybe I'll stamp out the little boy..and make a card with him as well...but maybe I should try to remember the name of this set first!

Have a wonderful day...(and don't for get to post a comment to the Blog Candy above...for a chance to win!)

Monday, April 20, 2009

Simone's Weekly Inspirations

Once again...I can't thank my niece Simone enough for providing the cards for the Weekly Inspirations Video...

It's hard to believe that it's 3 weeks now that she has been "covering " for me...time passes too quickly..

My weekend was a nice one..split between a hectic and lovely Saturday...(had the Monthly Workshop/Crop that day from 10-730 pm)....and yesterday..(Sunday)..I was truly a B-U-M...did nothing much..relaxed..lounged about...went out to dinner..came home...lounged a bit more...did some blurfing to some fantastic blogs...relaxed (again).... (you get the picture!) it's Monday...and I have to pay the price...starting off with calling come and inflate an extremely flat tire on my SUV...("extremely" as in dead...flat as a air whatsoever) that happened(?)..I haven't a clue...

So while I'm waiting for AAA...please sit back and enjoy this week's "Weekly Inspirations"....there are lots of Simone's cards that I am loving this week...(take a peek at the ribbon on the very first card)...they whisper "CASE" to me....I hope they do the same for you! always...thank you Gary...for putting this together...xoxo

Sunday, April 19, 2009

I actually made something yesterday...

I NEVER get anything done at the all day Monthly Workshop/Crop that I am the organizer of (via usually drag everything there..and come home wondering where the time went to..because I have little or nothing to show for it after being at the Workshop/Crop all day!...(I'm always too busy either setting up a workshop program..teaching/showing a project...talking to everyone about this or that...offering a litle bit of guidance here and there..and of course enjoying seeing what everyone else is working on or creating...

Yesterday..we did the So Saffron and Pumpkin Pie Flowr Pot card (posted here the other day)
It actually was the "card that amost wasn't"..I don't know where my head was..I had everything mixed up..and nothing went right..kind of funny being that I can practically make these cards with my eyes the end..the cards were made..but suffice it to was a comedy of errors..

but with regard to WHAT I myself might work on...I thought...hmmmm....IF I have all of the punches etc with me...I might as well make some Flower Pot Cards...and so I did...

I brought along some Stampin Up DSP in Pacific Point...and managed to make a nice number of the Flower Pots in blue...

I offered them as a PIF on a SCS PIF Thread today...hoping that someone would like them enough to snag!..I was thrilled to see that within a few sweet SCS friend Amy came along and snagged the gift boxed set of 5 cards! (Thanks Amy!)

I've enjoyed making the Flower Pot Cards this past week..but am ready to take a break from them...and am now ready to see what I can whip up for my 8th..(yes 8th!!) spot in Ruths White on White Swap..

If you'd like to know more about the Monthly Workshop/Crop click HERE~Oceanside Scrapbooking/Cardmaking Meetup Group and if you'd like to join Ruths's White on White HERE

Have a great day....and thanks for visting my blog!

PS...don't for get to comment above at the Blog Candy Post....for a chance to win!

Friday, April 17, 2009

CAS is Really My Style....

In as much as I like bling and other embellishments...I always find myself going back to CAS..whether it be in cardmaking or scrapbooking...

Sometimes I make a conscious effort to step out of my own box... and push myself past my comfort zone..but somehow..I keep coming back to CAS...

I thoroughly enjoy using an aquapainter and a "puddle" of ink on the lid of a Su ink case for coloring images..coupled with SU Stampin' Write's so relaxing..

I also enjoy Cuttlebugging Nestie cuts and mat I did on these 3 cards...It's actually hard for me to not emboss plain cardstock when its a base layer/mat layer..flat...smooth card stock seems naked to me now!

This is a CAS card that I keep going back to make....over and over again...with slight variations in sketch..ribbon..color's become a CAS fav of mine.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

How Excited Can One Card Making Girl Be!! (?) (psssst... "That" girl would be...ME!)


I guess one never gets too old to do a little happy dance.. get as excited as you did as a kid on Christmas morning ..or as happy as you get when you have a double scoop cone of your favorite ice cream...or in my case...your favorite flavor gelati BEFORE DINNER!

This is how I felt this morning when I found out that 2 of my white on white cards were featured at The Cuttlebug Challenge Blog....and that I was one of 2 winners for the weeks challenge!..(Congratulations Libby!!) This was a thrill to me..a first for me..and the recognition was appreciated by me! All of the cards sent in for the challenge were amazing...inspiring...and absolutely wonderful..

I will definitely be following the CB Challenge Blog...and hoping to partiipate in as many challenges as possible...I hope that you visit the CB Challenge Blog as well...

My lovely blinkie provided by the wonderful ladies at the CB Challenge Blog is posted at the top of my be sure to take a peek... (Thank you ladies for the Challenge blinkie!)!

and don;t forget to visit the Cuttlebug Challenge Blog by clicking here

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

This Saturday's Workshop : Making Some Very Basic Cards

This Workshop/Crop ladies will stay on for an additional 3 hours, into the evening (and after the full day Workshop/Crop) learn some basic card making skills...we'll be doing both a daytime and an evening Workshop all the time part of our regular schedule...every month.

Most of these fantastic ladies are scrappers ..more than they are card makers....but at the daytime Workshop/Crop...we do a mini card making workshop in the morning...and they have taken an interest in making now we are extending our Saturday Workshop/Crop into the evening hours...with a 3 hour Cards only Workshop!

This being the first Saturday for the Cards only Workshop...we are starting out with these very basic..non-complex cards...

I love the chocolate chip/baja breeze combo...and added the beautiful SU Parisian Breeze Specialty paper to ths grouping and SU Baja Breeze Classic ink , of course....

The butterfly was done with the Martha Stewart Punch and the Parisian DSP...the flower was made by layering and curling up the edges of all 3 Boho Blossoms punch pieces..and finishing off with a litle bitof self adhesive bling.

These cards were simple and easy to make...yet will allow beginner card makers the opportunity to experience making their own embellishments..using punches..Cuttlebugging...and a little bit of basic matting...

Once I demonstrate the card...everyone works at their own pace...independently....making the cards..(or their own variations of what was demonstrated)....each person will go home that evening with as many cards as was comfortable and possible for them to make..again..after having worked at their own pace...those who work more slowly..will make fewer cards than the ladies whom I refer to as "speedsters"...

I,personally,am very happy and excited to see a group of passionate scrappers take an interest in card making...I believe that the skills they have already honed in ther scrapping will make each of them fantastic card makers!

If you're a local and would like to join us..please contact me via email for additional information and a link to our group web site.

If you're a first time visitor to my sure to post a fast comment to the blog candy post at the top of this page...for a chance to win what's pictured! If you'd like to link me back to your blog...that'd be great!

A Touch of Bohemia....

During the past year, I have been so involved with my card making..I find that scrapbooking has taken a back seat...most times..(which is kind of funny..because YEARS ago...I was ONLY in to scrapping...**Notice that I don't mention HOW MANY" YEARS AGO"!...but suffice it to's more than 20...but less than 25....which means that I must have been a toddler when i started scrapping...*lol*)

Well...anyway...this is the sample page for this weekend's Workshop/Crop...(we do a mini card making workshop in the morning for cards or a papercraft..and we do a mini workshop for a SB page in the afternoon...the remainder of the 5 hour Workshop/Crop is independent work time....and lots of fun and chatter)

I am TRYING to work my way thru my enormous "stash" of things...and have made an effort to use things that I have put aside..forgotten about..etc...

This page used a paper pad that I picked up last year at most pads..I liked some of the paper..but also knew I'd never use some of it.

What I did enjoy and like when making this page was that all of the paper in the pad mixed and matched very well..and were from a common color pallette...which allowed me to dip in to the Bohemian look a bit..(a look that I LOVE)

It was fun to make a CAS page (my preferred style of scrapping)....and then create and add a few simple embellishments myself..from paper in the pad...

And so I say...Who needs a scrapbook kit!(?)
Just get out a pad or slab.....pick out some cooordinates...use your punches...glue dots..bling...embroidery thread...etc..and create your own embellishments and scrap page kit!

PS..the border punch is one of the new flat folding EK Success Border punches....what a clever idea!..Flat folding is definitely the way to go for big bulky border punches....I can fit oodles of them (ie approx 16)in the same drawer that I can fit about 8 traditional full sized style border punches! Hopefully, Martha Fiskars and SU will catch on and make their own versions of these easy to use and store punches!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Yes! I DO Own Colorful Card Stock and DSP!

After weeks and weeks of a blizzard of white on white here on my blog..I finally made something in COLOR!

Well..actually... I did a "colorful" version of the white on white Flower Pot Pocket Card (posted yesterday here on my blog)

I love combining SU So Saffron, Certainly Celery and Pumpkin Pie...and so those are the colors I chose in card stock and DSP for this flower pot card...

I also got to use the wonderful SAB ribbon that I now have oodles of..

This is such a fun card to make...and I like it in color as much as I like it in white on white...and Iam thinking that with all of the gorgeous DSP out there..the possibilties for this card are endless...

I have enjoyed these cards so much...and have decided that this will be the card project that we will be doing at this weekend's Workshop/Crop...

If you are liking this card...give it a white..or in a color combo that YOU love!

Monday, April 13, 2009

My Own Little Bit of Spring

Well..Winter won't leave us...and Spring just won't come to Long I am brnging a bit of Springtime to myself!

I have always had a habit of browsing thru books..web sites...cookbooks.. etc...and when I find something that interests me..I re-vamp it..switch things up...change it around and make it my own...all lots of fun..but there is one drawback..nothing has a recipe..nothing is written down..nothing has directions...or a template or pattern...and therefore..I can never tell someone exactly how to make or do what I made or did!....because its all in my head!

and so...That's what I did with this flower pot card...I browsed the basic and everywhere....and then did my own thing!

What I can tell you is that I embossed the actual cardstock that the flower pot is made from using 2 different CB folders..(no layers of embossed cs over flower pot)

Each flower is made from 4 layers:
2 layers of vellum (one embossed..and the bottom most vellum flower layer is plain) and one layer of CB embossed white cs. The flower centers are also CB embossed cs. I alternated..vellum/cs/vellum/cs

The back most flower is adhered with a reg glue dot
The 2 in front (either side) are on 3-D glue dots..(love those chunky 3-D dots)

The edge of the flower pot was punched with the SU scalloped border punch

The flower topped blank card slips into the flower pot.

I hestiate to tell you that this is YET ANOTHER white on white card for Ruth's swap!
Yes..yes...yes...I (or should i say in Sue and I) are STILL at it!..We are truly addicted to that swap..and last night..we both signed on for spot #7...

Some may think that we need professional "help" for our ridiculous insane addiction to the white on white cards.....but the truth is..we are having so much fun with this swap...each white on white I've shared with you on my blog was a 6 card I've made 6 of each...and enjoyed making all 42 cards enormously!

As always..a big thank you to Ruth..her swap has been s much fun!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Sizzix + Nesties+ Cuttlebug = A White on White Card with Dimension and Texture

This was a very a-typical easter...

What makes it a-typical?
1. We stayed home..
2. I didn't cook...
3. by the time I went shopping for Easter basket goodies...our town did not have one single store that had a chocolate bunny..or Peeps of any color..shape ..size....

so....we are candy-less

I did, however,have a relaxing day...spending much of the day making cards...writing out thank you cards for people who have sent mass cards.. etc for my Mom...I even found time to do some blurfing search of inspiration

I also finished my white on white card for the 6th spot I took in Ruth's Swap...

I have received so many emails from card makers expressing that they are now in love with white on white..and some have already given it a try...I wonder if they will become as addicted as I am...

Again...thanks so much Ruth for the opportunity to be part of this wonderfully inspiring swap...and also for the many laughs that you and Sue and I have had...

*While youre visiting..please take a moment to join as a follower to my a comment to the bog candy post (above)...and maybe even link the candy to your own blog...candy entires will be accepted thru April 30th!

Happy Easter...and this week's Inspirations

Happy Easter everyone!

This week passed so quickly..I realized just how fast the week passed when I saw Gary working on this week's Inspiraitons video last night..

I am slowly getting back into my cards...and finding bits and pieces of time to sit and create a bit...I and have a few projetcs to plan and prep this week for my weekend Workshop/Crop...and the new Card Making Workshop that will start this coming Saturday...the ideas that I do have are "in my head"..and have yet been transferred to card stock...hopefully I'll be "in the groove" this week..and put the ideas to card stock and make it all work!

And by the fun loving wacky pal Sue and I signed on for yet another spot in the white on white swap...making this a 6th spot for each of us..and a total of 36 cards each! this is another little project on schedule for this coming week..

Actually...we have a quiet-stay-at-home-Easter Day I might just find time to make that 6th card today!

Enjoy Simone's Weekly Insirations ..and be sure to take a second peek at her adorable little box!

Thanks, Simone, for providing this weeks Inspiraitons! xoxo...

...and Happy Easter to all of my blogging-blurfing-card making-rubber-ink-stamp loving-scrappaholic friends!

P.S....don't forget to scroll down to mute the playlist music on my that it doesn't play over the video music!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

My Final All White Swap Card....

I was determined to complete my final cards for the all white swap today...and I did!

I wasn't sure if I could dig up any creativity..but I did manage to come out in the end with 12 cards..before midnight!..

I kept tweeking this card..
First of all..I scouted around the web...SCS and some craft sites for a template for the dress...none of them were what I was looking made my own...which really was now have a template that fits nicely on A2 cards...

I made a dress card...and liked how it turned out..loved the embossing..the swiss dots apron...the neckline that I punched out with half of the curly label punch....but it looked like somethng was missing..the card seemed so small standing all alone...

Then I remembered cards that I used to make all of the time..but haven't done in a while...using a postcard style A2 sized piece of card stock (in other words..using just the front of an A2 card as the "postcard" base)....then layered it with an embossed layer of card stock....and the dress attached to the front..(the dress opens the greeting can be written inside..

Once I did this..I liked the card...and the tweeking was over!

I have to admit..I'm kind of sad that I am finished with the cards for my spots in the all white swap...this was such a fun swap..and now I am totally hooked on white on white..

Thanks Ruth for a terrifc swap!
(Ruth's Summer Whites Card Swap)

So...this is my final All White Swap Card.....or IS it?????

Getting Back into the Groove

I was on a roll a few weeks ago...having lots of fun making the "all white" cards for Ruth's Swap at

but...with my Mom passing away..I haven't touched a piece of card stock or a stamp in 2 weeks...

Last night...I actually tried to whip up a card for my #4 spot in the swap...and put everything away after half n hour..

I felt totally mo-jo-less

So today I figured I'd give it another try...

I took out my trusty Cuttlebug...and a new Martha Stewart Cupcake Punch I picked up in Michael's yesterday when I took a ride there to use the 30% off (your entire reg price order) coupon...

Little by little my missing mo-jo came back...
to what degree...I'm not sure (?)...
(you can be the judge of that!)...

...this card is what I came up with...
(I do wish that the photo had better captured the gliter on the edge of the mini top note shape..and the stickles on the flowers scattered on the embossed card front and cupcake top...)

I am still totally in love with white on white...and still have my #5 spot to do 6 more cards for..but I think I'll always be making white on whites..simply because they're so beautiful..

Friday, April 10, 2009

An Early Morning Trip to Michael's

Well..I was up and out at what I call "the crack" today...

Michael's had a 30% off coupon event (reg priced items) from 8 a.m - 1 pm today...and I was on a mission..

An hour later I was back home..happy as a clam..mission accomplished...with my 14 Iris 12 x 12 paper holder/craft boxes in well as oodles of other things that were a "must have" at 30% off...

As it tunred out..the Iris craft boxes (usually $8.99 each) were on sale today for $4.99...which means I did better with the sale price than I would have with the 30% off coupon..(saved an additional $1 each wiht today's sale price)..the stock manager was a sweetie..went to the stock room and brought out 3 sealed boxes of them..I took 14 today..adding them to the 6 I bought on now I have 20 12 x 12 boxes that I HOPE will be helpful in allowing me to getmy paper in order..

I also took advantage of the coupon offer and stocked up..(stocked in..i literally WIPED the store out of every pkg of self adhesive gems and flat backed pearls they had...Martha Stewart..MAMBI...K and Co etc...)

I also picked up a few MS punches..and a Changito and a few quote/sentiment stamps. an extra set of CB "B" plates...some watercolor water supplies..(brushes.. paper.. markers..etc)

Chelsea was with me..and topped the purchase off with a bag of Chex Mix for herself!

And here I am back home..ready to wave my magic wand and re-organize my out of control paper stash with the 20 Iris boxes that I now have!

The 30% coupon sale is on until 1 click here for your coupon..and hurry on over to Michael's

But if you're a local..don't expect to find any self adhesive gems or pearls..remember..I bought every single pkg that my Mike's had!

Happy Shopping!

Thursday, April 9, 2009


If you've been thinking of giving digi images a try..hurry on over to TWO SCOOPS RICE DESIGNS BLOGSPOT to find out how to get their April Free Digi Image!
Just send TSRD an email..and thye'll send you April's adorable digi image!

And if you're thinking that you'd love becoming part of a digi design team...Digital Stamp Oasis is posting a DT call on their blog be sure to check it out!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

All Ink ... Colored ..Matted Images Needed

If you've been thinking of doing "something" for the card-a-thon..but aren't quite so sure as to "what" that "something" might might be interested in this!

If anyone would like to stamp out some INK ONLY images...and mat them..they would be a fantasic addition to the card-a-thon donations...and will particularly useful for volunteers (that day) who are not experienced card makers...

Any and all INK ONLY matted images would be so very much appreciated...
(ie matted on a punched background..nesties mat etc..)

(If you prefer to color and mat...this is also a much needed item..along with dispenser style rolls of double sided tape)

you can read about the card-a-thon here...on my blog.. (more specificaly....the March 19th post)

Card Candy lovers can donate via Susan's wonderful swap thread at:

and while you're visiting here...please be sure to comment under the blog candy post on the current blog page...for a chance to win!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Simone's Debut on My Paper Bliss

This is exciting for me...

My niece Simone and I burn up the phone lines and internet connections with our frantic obsessive chatter and emailing about anything and everything that has to do with our over the edge love of card making...

Most days..we whine and moan and console one another (at least once per conversation) about the fact the we don't live near at one another...

Some days we dream about living closer..and having time to make cards together..

We enable one another inso many ways.....we zap website links in countless emails when we find a good on line sale..a great stamp set.. a new release.....card pics...we have cracked up together about how cute Changitos are...we talk insanely about our wish lists...we cheer one another on when we are mo-jo-less...

Beyond the card making...I have been the luckiest "Auntie" in the world to have Simone..and her sister's ...Heather and Katie MY nieces...the joy they have brought to my life is immeasurable...we laugh about our genetic similarities (ie our box-like-Italian-grape-stomping feet)..and we appreciate one anothers uniqueness as well...

And so thrills me to share a bit of my blog space with Simone during the coming 6 I share her cards with you

Thank you Simone for providing the cards for my Weekly Inspirations Video(s) while I am busy as a bee working on the October Card-a-Thon..xoxo

and as always...thank you Gary...for taking time away from updating your own blog(Talking Golf with Gary).. and your Pod Cast at Par 3 Radio Network to put together this Weekly Inspirations Video....xoxo Love you.

So please scroll to the Playlist at the botom of this page..turn off the Playlist that it doesn't play over the video music..


Monday, April 6, 2009

Someone new will be visiting my blog...

I am so excited about a new visitor to my blog...

My niece,Simone,will be contributing to the Weekly Inspirations Video..featuring 10 cards per week...

Didn't you wonder what happened to my Weeky Inspirations?

To be truthful..I am so busy now...doing multiple crops/workshops..dedicating lots of time to the Card-a-Thon...and just being busy in general lately...I haven't had time to work on Weekly Inspiration cards...

So I asked Simone..if she would like to be my "long-term guest inspirationalist"...and she said YES!

From now until after the Card-a-thon (October)..Simone will be providing the weekly cards for the Inspirations video (produced by Gary)...

Simone's contributions will include everything from her more "basic cards" as she calls well as her more advanced card making...

So whether you're a beginning card-maker....or have more advanced sure to check back here every week (Sunday)...for the Weekly Inspirations'll get a look at Simone's can CASE away until your hearts contented..and build, expand and explore your own card-making skills as you follow along...week to week...!

Thanks Simone, for taking over until October!
(I LOVE you xoxo...Auntie)

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Do you like to color?

Are you like me?

When I am involved with coloring images..I feel like I am so relaxed...its's so enjoyable..

Someimes I'll spend a week working ONLY on coloring images..and then the following week will make cards using the images...This is particularly helpful to me wheh I am needing to make "oodles" of cards just seems to go much faster when I've got a nice stash of "ready-to-go" images to work with

If you enjoy might be interested in this thread...
Colored "ready-to-go" Images for the Card-a-Thon
Gathering up donations of "ready-to-go" images will really allow the volunteers at the card-a-thon to make a greater number of cards on October 10th!

How about getting out your 6 favorite images..stamping 6 of each of them out..coloring them a mat (punch or nestie)..and sending them in as a card-a-thon donation!..You'd be giving the volunteers a HUGE head start on 36 cards..for 36 soldiers!

So get out your fav stamps..copics..markers..pencils..and inks..
your images will be part of ths events success!

P.S. If you like making card candy..check out Susan's thread dedicated to the card-a-thon and our US soldiers THANK YOU SUSAN! xoxo
Patriotic Red White and Blue Card Candy Swap
(now we know why Susan has the scs name that she has!)

and finally...for the complete donation list:
on scs: Card-a-Thon Info and Donation List

(or visit the March archives of this blog