Friday, June 26, 2009

GROUP ORDER ~ BULK BUY Clear A2 Envelopes and Clear Boxes

hi everyone..

I am placing an order with some friends on splicoaststampers.. and would like to extend the opportunity to each of you..

(i do not make a profit on this..i am just the coordinator of the purchase)

...from time to time a bunch of us get together and do this (bulk buying)with differnt save $$ and get a good buy....

this is a SUPER buy...half of what it would cost if buying retail..

GROUP BULK BUY clear box and bag info:

heres the box /bag info:

$64.50 (including priority shipping from me to you /flat rate box)
500 clear A2 bags with adhesive flap
125 clear boxes

**we need 10 people to get this number of items at this price...

To check the value of what you are getting by ordering in bulk as a group

basic product info (retail)

Usual retailcost of clear A2 bags/envelope = 4.95 for 50 + s/h and tax
(500 bags via a retailer/catalog would be 49.50 + tax and s/h)

10 for $6
so 120 boxes via a retailer would be $72 (+tax and s/h)

if you're not sure what clear boxes can see them here at this wonderful web site(I love EVERYTHING from this web site and am addicted to their paper and ribbon..not to mention their stamps!!!)
this is the type of clear box we are ordering...


ordering separately from a retailer/catalog
clear bags 500 = 49.50
120 clear boxes= $72
total 121.50 not incl tax and s/h

ordering as a group
you'll receive:
500 A2 clear bags
125 clear boxes
total $64.50 (including flat rate priority s/h)

so it comes to just about half the cost...or it's almost like getting the 500 envelopes for free!

my ordering will depend upon interest... (hopefully 10 people will be interested)..pls feel free to offer this to your workshop ladies..friends etc...
if they are interested.. YOU will collect their $$ and forward it to me..

the ultimate goal is to get 10 orders..
partial orders will complicate things and make it harder to keep the cost at what has been quoted to i am not offering half order options..
if you choose to split an order with a friend..YOU will take care of submitting the $$ to me and delivering the product to the other person

This is a lot of $$ for me to layout.. so i'll ask for payment via check or MO prior to my placing the order..

i think its a great bargain for all of us...

id like to place the order by july 15th...
and will reship to you via USPS flat rate/priority as soon as the order arrives here.

if you'd like to be part of this group order..pls email me at


  1. Thanks for the offer, but I don't need anything right now. I hope you find your 10 peeps!

  2. I would be interested in this group buy if you still have any openings.