Thursday, June 18, 2009

My Fantabulous Find!

I am SO excited!

I have something wonderful to share with everyone...and while I could be prone to blabbering on and on about it..I'll make it plain and simple and get down to the business of showing..and telling you what's got me so excited!

Whenever I find a great web or sale..I LOVE to share it with my card making and scrapping friends.... I want to share my favorite find of the week...

Ta-da!'s what's got me so excited...

These GORGEOUS hand crocheted flowers are made by my friend Chris...and I have asked her to make them available to YOU..via my blog...

If you are a lover of handcrafted/crocheted know that they can be quite pricey....($6-10 per dozen)
Chris' flowers are very affordable...(based on what they sell for elsewhere on web sites and in'll probably be in disbelief when I tell you the price..

I am IN LOVE with Chris' flowers..and think that even her packaging is fantastic!
As a matter of a fact..I love them so much that I have ordered 14 dozen flowers from Chris..and can't wait to get my itchy card making fingers on all 168 of them !!

The flowers are available in pkgs of ivory or white each pkg has asst sizes (as shown)...and.....are you sitting? They are $3 per pkg + shipping costs (which are also very reasonable at $2.50 for 1 to 12 sets)

*If you like bling... Chris will add a pearl to the center of each flower for $4 per pkg of 12

If you're liking these flowers as much as I do...feel free to email me at (the email address at the top of my blog) if you would like to place an order....and please know that I am not making a profit by sharing this with you... I am simply getting the word out about something that I think is fantabulous..and affordable..

So send me an email..and as they say..I'll "hook you up" with Chris..and before you know'll be making wonderful cards (and pages) with these fantastic flowers


  1. I would totally love to get those crochet flowers.

    M.E. aka CMCMaryD@SCS

  2. Two things I love - card making and crochet!

  3. Very nice, I can picture them on some cards for sure. What a great deal!


  4. These are lovely and lovely packaging

  5. M I did get your scallops.. thank you! I thought I had sent you a card.. I'm pretty sure I did.. ?? weird?? and omg.. plse send me the info on ur friend's crocheted flowers.. great prices and omg.. I can't wait to see all the colors... Plse email me at with the ordering and color info.. omg.. I can't wait! thks for sharing this! hugs bonnierose

  6. These are really pretty! tfs MIchelle!!

  7. Wow Michelle, these are so pretty! What a great find!

    I've left you a little something on my blog, you'll have to pop over and chk it out!

  8. These are gorgeous!! It really is a fantastic find and at a affordable prize. Have fun with the beautiful flowers!

    Have a fabulous weekend,

    xx Naoual

  9. These are how many am I going to need?? LOL I can't believe she will do them so cheap!

  10. I love these crocheted flowers!!! Thanks for sharing!! I have been blessed that I can crochet and my Mom likes to crochet them for me as well. Can't wait to see your creations with them!!!

  11. They ARE beautiful! I would totally buy those!!!

  12. These are perfect! What a great find TFS!

  13. Pretty! I love crocheting flowers too.