Sunday, June 7, 2009

Weekly Inspirations...x's 2

I have 2 Inspirations to tell you about today...

My daughter, Chelsea , was out all night (camping out with about 800 other people on the high school football field) at Relay for Life..a Cancer fund raiser that went on at schools nationwide, last night.....
Relay for Life memorializes those who have had cancer and did not well as honoring myself...

Chelsea was on a "team" with her Thespian Troupe..and they, themselves, raised thousands of dollars..had lots of fun...slept outside under a full moon..and kept the relay going all night by making sure that members of their team kept walking around the track constantly throughout the night..

Chelsea told us that it was so beautiful..with the entire track outlined with hundreds of luminary candles in the darkness of the night..

I listened to her telling us all about the entire event..after we picked her up this morning at all sounded so well wonderful..and like such fun...

and then....from the back seat ...Chelsea handed me a purple sash..and said that she wore it all she walked... to honor me..her survivor...

and then..(as I am now a I type this..) I lost it..and had myself a big old sobbing cry...only to be topped off by her telling me that she and her friend David lit a candle and had their time of silence..sitting outside in the dark...surrounded by hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of glowing candles..with their candle...( for me..and for David's Grandma who has died)...Chelsea also dedicated her candle and thoughts to my husband, her dad (David) who died in 2001.

It's hard for me to even type this here....and to see the keyboard ....without crying..this touched me deeply..for so many reasons..the sash..the candle lighting..the moments of silence..and the vision of Chelsea and all of her friends rallying together..for me...who live..and have died..with cancer...

Many days...I think...I'd like not to have Cancer at all...but IF I must..I'll stick with the one I have...while I don't trust my cancer..because it's sneaky..and can suddenly get me from behind without warning..I am smart enough to know..that thus far..I have been blessed with a life that has been minimally compromised by what I have...

Chelsea wants me to be involved with Relay for Life next her Survivor...and I've already said yes.....I will volunteer to be a speaker at the event....With God's blessing..I hope to be here next life to its fullest..and speaking amongst the glow of the others who will participate to celebrate life with cancer.....or to memorialize those whom they love who's spirits endure and live on....despite their physical absence.

Thank you Chelsea for inspiring me..and for being a sterling example of a young teen..who has an acute social awareness..and a desire to "give" of have touched me by wearing a purple sash on my behalf...and by caring enough to be part of this wonderfully successful fund raiser...
YOU are what makes being a survivor..a cherished gift...

And now....on to the "regular" weekly inspiration!
My niece Simone is still filling in for me by providing the Weekly Inspirations cards..and I think that you'll find lots to like..and lots of inspiration in the cards on this weeks video...
I love Simone's style...and hope that you will too!
*Be sure to take a long look at the first card...a slider card...with a moving truck!
If you'd like to see more of what Simone has been sure to visit her blog HERE.

And I say every sure to scroll all the way down to the bottom of this page...and turn off the sound/music on my that it doesn't play over the music on the video..

Thank you graciously continue to "save the day" for me...even with 2 little ones who require your attention...and are so kind to always provide the weekly cards...
and more xoxo's to sweetie..who whips up the video for me every week as well...
Love you both..


  1. What a wonderful daughter you have. I'm sitting at my computer 10 minutes away from leaving for our local Bennett Cancer Walk. It's a ride, run and walk hosted by the hospital's cancer center.
    You will be in my thoughts and prayers as I walk this morning.

  2. What an amazingly wonderful daughter you have!((hugs))

  3. great site...thats wonderful what your daughter did...

  4. Your daughter is FAB Michelle! Your story really touched me since my Mom died of cancer 10 years ago....thanks for sharing your story.

  5. What an amazing story, thank you for sharing.

  6. What a wonderful daughter and wonderful story. Thanks for sharing. My 13yo daughter is off next weekend with her guide unit to do Relay for Life in Cairns. It is an amazing event.

  7. WOW- what a wonderful story Michelle, I am sure it makes you so proud as well.

  8. This post touched me deeply. I lost my mother to cancer so please thank Chelsea for me.

  9. Sounds like you've raised a wonderful daughter to be proud of. I trust that her efforts will inspire more around her and she will be a great leader with her peers. We need more kids like that! Thanks for the inspiration indeed :)

  10. thanks for sharing this story, very touching.