Saturday, June 20, 2009

Life sure can be a Circus

Sometimes..just when you think things are rolling along nicely..smoothly..without commotion....or a hitch...the DRAMA kicks in and the tranquility of the day or the moment is eradicated in a flash..

Tuesdays drama:
(that I forgot to share here..but something that I know my Cuttlebug-Loving friends will appreciate):

I was making cards
...needed to emboss a piece of cs out the Cuttlebug out my embossing folders
...set it up
...starting turning the handle
my machine EXPLODED... EXPLODED..literally..
the casing of the machine was completely opened up..
I looked at the clock
8:35 pm
I immediately thought... "oh good, Michael's is still opened, I'll run down there for another CB"...
I was thinking...I don't care that I don't have a coupon..I'll pay full price...because anyone who knows me ...KNOWS that I cannot be without my Bug for even a day..
I announced the death of my Cuttlebug to a voice reflective of grief and panic.

I looked at the machine..both side panels had exploded off of the machine as if dynamite was inside of it..the top panel was popped off...the handle was jammed.
I saw a piece of card stock stuck in the rollers...(I have no clue where the stray piece of card stock came from...)
I kind of thought that the pressure inside of the machine was too much with the card stock (origin unknown) jamming up the rollers..and that the "explosion" was the machines way of reacting to the internal pressure was me pulling the card stock in one direction.....and this Herculean strengthed piece of card stock pulling in the opposite direction...

I was determined to win.

(Now I was looking at the clock.. Michael's would be closing in about 15 minutes..)

I managed to get the card stock out of the rollers.. When i finally got it looked like a piece of corrugated paper..completely wrinkled and shriveled up.

I popped the 2 side panels of the machine up..and clicked them into place..and did the same with the top/front panel..

and announced to Gary (in a now elated voice)that my Cuttlebug was alive and well..and working!

Whew.. if you could have seen that machine..with the sides laying down on the counter top...and the font panel popped'd understand the grief and panic in my voice...I thought for sure the machine had died..

I told the ladies at my workshop.crop about it today..and they unison..gasped in horror..)
(lol..we cracked up about was really kind of hilarious...)

I am happy to tell you tho..that my Bug made a miraculous recovery.and immediately returned to work..full duty..and is performing as wonderfully as ever...

it was a close call tho...
and one that has served as a source of entertainment for us around here.....simply because we have had quite a few laughs over my love affair with my Cuttlebug..and my reaction to the "close -call" of it almost passing on to the great embossed heavens above...

like I said.. Life can sure be a circus....and this event was center ring...
but the Cuttlebug crisis was only surpassed by the gas -leak that tossed us out into a rainstorm today..during our workshop/crop..

but that's a story for another day...ring #2 of the 3 ring circus that life can sometimes be...


  1. Glad you were able to get it fixed!

  2. It just needed a little vacation!! LOL

    Sue Danko

  3. I gasped while I was reading! LOL! Glad the bug is okay!!

  4. OMGosh Michelle! Glad you got your bug back together and it's working fine! Mine exploded one day and I couldn't fix it, but provo replaced it for free.

  5. Great story...lucky you could revive your cuttlebug.

  6. WOW! Glad you brought the Cuttlebug back to life!!!!!!!

  7. oh my, i have never ever heard of a cuttlebug exploding, i wonder how on earth that piece of card got stuck in there, its amazing the damage a piece of simple card can do though, i almost broke my printer with a piece,the crunching and grinding of the printer sent shivers up my spine hehe not a nice sound at all, luckily when it stopped crunching i managed to get the card free by taking the back off the printer and gave the card a good tug, gave myself one heck of a paper cut in the process though, but hey my printer survived and i now know better than to put card into it.

    Thankyou for the sweet comment on my blog by the way, its lovely to know that people enjoy visiting my blog :)



  8. Wow crazy! glad you fixed it :) love this machine too!!

  9. I totally gasped when reading this. While, I don't have a bug, I do have a Revolution and I would be completely devestated, lost and in a total panic if it exploded like that!

  10. Thanks for sharing the story -- it has it all -- drama, tears and a happy ending!

  11. ha ha ha... the average person would probably gasp too, only because they would think that your love affair with this machine is weird and not over your poor CB... glad it's okay!