Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I've Suddenly Realized Something About Myself....

All of a sudden...I've realized something about myself...
and this is what it is: When I like, love and/or enjoy something A LOT...I have the need or desire to do it..have it..make it..eat it..see it..A LOT.

I started to think about this.... and "it" being part of who I am..and I think that I am onto something....after all..I've got evidence!

For example..I think that it all started when I lived in Europe..and was staying in Rome..I ate calamari for 23 days straight..everyday for lunch..at the same little restaurant near the train station...

I went thru a furniture moving kick once.. my Husband would leave for work and come home to find the furniture and piano moved and switched around..all the time...(all the time meaning multiple times per week)..that went on for months...

There are many other things that I can think of....things that I do in long enjoyable spurts..but...

In this case..I think I'm on a roll with layering and making punched flowers.. I just can't get enough of them...I ordered a great book, from Barnes and Noble, on making flowers from punches...have been picking up punches (now...I am obsessed with finding punches that punch out pieces that can be used to create flowers..(as per the book's suggestions)...Imagine needing a snowflake punch to make a flower? Yep!

So..this newest obsession is fun..and lately... I find myself always thinking of adding hand layered and assembled flowers to my projects..

In going with the flow of my latest passion and wonderful obsession.....I incorporated flowers in these quote card candy pieces that I needed to make for a scs 6+1 swap...

I LOVE the quote...and the color combo is one of my faves..
I'm happy with how these turned out...and making the flowers is not only fun..offering endless possibilities....but it's relaxing as well..

I have a feeling that you'll be seeing more flowers from me in some upcoming projects and cards..I AM HOOKED!


  1. This is a great "hook" you're on! These cards are beautiful and the quote is precious! Love to have copy of that book! Awesome job! Blessings to you!

  2. So pretty!!!! LOVE... LOVE The colors!!! TFS!!

  3. Michelle - these are gorgeous. I love the sentiment so much! You are rockin' it out w/ the punches!!! I only have two small flower punches but you inspire me to use them more!

  4. Stunning!!

    Sue Danko

  5. Wow! I love these cards Michelle and the flowers are lovely! excellent work & tfs!!!

  6. love these cards and I love the sentiment too!

  7. Our entire family gets obsessed with things ... what is it with us?? I am so glad we have the same card making obsession...it is so much fun! Love your project this week. The sentiment is beautiful and the flowers...as you would say...GAW-JUSS!
    Love you!

  8. First off, this entire project is so sweet. A friend gave me this framed sentiment 7 years ago when she moved away, now she is back up the street from me, a quick 20 minute drive. ;) So this saying holds a special place in my heart, and even moreson now that you have turned it into an incredible 3D project! I too go all the way when I love something, I think that is the joy of love. Your punched flowers are soooo sweet, the layers are the perfect embellishment for these. Thank you so much for the inspiration! I think I'll pull out my flower punch and go play. :D

  9. Hey, at least this is a healthy--and gorgeous--obsession! ;)

  10. I love these, they are gorgeous, the colors are fab.

  11. be true to yourself.. can u share with me the name of the book re punched flowers.. ? plse email me the info at bonnieangel1797@gmail.com. cud u send me amazon link??
    omg. I can't wait to see the book.. u know how much I love flowers om my stuff! Love that quote stamp u have..LOVE IT!

  12. Fabulous cards Michelle! I know what you mean about getting on a "kick" for something. I'm definitely that way too!

  13. Forgot to say.... lol about the calamari!

  14. These are some lovely cards. I like the oval shape and your punch art flowers turned out pretty. I was really into punchart several years ago and I now have about 150 punches. I have created dozens of flowers from non-flower punches. Maybe one day I'll post them on my blog.