Sunday, June 28, 2009

I've Been Keeping a Secret!

Yep..I've been keeping a BIG secret..and now I can finally spill the beans!

I've been invited to be to be part of the Design Team!

This is very exciting news for me..especially being that the Cuttlebugchallenge blog is one of my favorite hang outs..and a source of tremendous inspiration for me..with past DT's being so talented and dazzling me all the time with what they create.

I am thrilled and humbled to be on a team with extraordinarily talented individuals....all of whom you can read about..and visit HERE..

I will be working on weekly projects with the team..and will also be working on video tutorials a few times each a month..the first of which can be seen at the challenge blog next Friday

So.... while being asked to join the DT is exciting for me, personally... but the blog itself has lots of excitement going on as well!

The has started it's COUNTDOWN to CHA

so be sure to check in at the cuttlebugchallenge blog to see what's going on...give the challenges a try...and to "be in it to win it" for some great prizes...and be sure to take a peek HERE to see what some of the NEW embossing folders will look like!

I know that once you visit the blog and take a peek at what goes on'll be hooked just like I was ..when I first discovered this wonderful blog!..

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Catching up on some Inspiration....

We have been kind of busy lately...and are running a bit behind with the Weekly Inspirations video...

Gary whipped up a quick video and its ready to go...

I think that you'll love the cards that Simone has created for this weeks Inspirations video...

and they are...
(don't forget...scroll all the way down to the bottom of this mute the that it doesn't override the video sound)


Friday, June 26, 2009

Another BIG Thank you!

Today felt like colored image Christmas!

I received the most beautiful colored images from Pat, Misti, Roberta, Sharon and Brandy...for the Card-a-Thon...

I'm sending a huge thanks to each of you..and am so grateful that you've joined the "swap" on Splicoaststampers

....and now it's time for me add your names to the sidebar (to the right)where it says Applause Applause!

Thank you Pat, Misti and Brandy!

GROUP ORDER ~ BULK BUY Clear A2 Envelopes and Clear Boxes

hi everyone..

I am placing an order with some friends on splicoaststampers.. and would like to extend the opportunity to each of you..

(i do not make a profit on this..i am just the coordinator of the purchase)

...from time to time a bunch of us get together and do this (bulk buying)with differnt save $$ and get a good buy....

this is a SUPER buy...half of what it would cost if buying retail..

GROUP BULK BUY clear box and bag info:

heres the box /bag info:

$64.50 (including priority shipping from me to you /flat rate box)
500 clear A2 bags with adhesive flap
125 clear boxes

**we need 10 people to get this number of items at this price...

To check the value of what you are getting by ordering in bulk as a group

basic product info (retail)

Usual retailcost of clear A2 bags/envelope = 4.95 for 50 + s/h and tax
(500 bags via a retailer/catalog would be 49.50 + tax and s/h)

10 for $6
so 120 boxes via a retailer would be $72 (+tax and s/h)

if you're not sure what clear boxes can see them here at this wonderful web site(I love EVERYTHING from this web site and am addicted to their paper and ribbon..not to mention their stamps!!!)
this is the type of clear box we are ordering...


ordering separately from a retailer/catalog
clear bags 500 = 49.50
120 clear boxes= $72
total 121.50 not incl tax and s/h

ordering as a group
you'll receive:
500 A2 clear bags
125 clear boxes
total $64.50 (including flat rate priority s/h)

so it comes to just about half the cost...or it's almost like getting the 500 envelopes for free!

my ordering will depend upon interest... (hopefully 10 people will be interested)..pls feel free to offer this to your workshop ladies..friends etc...
if they are interested.. YOU will collect their $$ and forward it to me..

the ultimate goal is to get 10 orders..
partial orders will complicate things and make it harder to keep the cost at what has been quoted to i am not offering half order options..
if you choose to split an order with a friend..YOU will take care of submitting the $$ to me and delivering the product to the other person

This is a lot of $$ for me to layout.. so i'll ask for payment via check or MO prior to my placing the order..

i think its a great bargain for all of us...

id like to place the order by july 15th...
and will reship to you via USPS flat rate/priority as soon as the order arrives here.

if you'd like to be part of this group order..pls email me at

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Thank You,Thank You..and Thank You again!

It's time for me to post a huge thank you to numerous individuals who have been so generous and kind...sending packages..envelopes and boxes filled with donations for the Card-a thon.....

These wonderful donations included everything from embellishments...card stock and beautiful well as colored images..card candy..pre-scored pads..stamp sets...ribbon..

The list goes on and on...

And so today I'd like to take time to send a HUGE thank you to:

Arlene D
Grace V
Heidi S
Sharon B

BR...from Grantite Springs,MO(sorry I could not read the name on the pkg)

and also...a gigantic thanks to Susan and the Red White and Blue Card Candy Swappers...for the wonderful countless pieces of magnificent red white and blue card candy pieces donated to the Card-a-Thon via Susan's scs swap...

With the kindness and generosity that you have shown..the volunteers at the Card-a-thon will be able to create LOTS of fantastic cards!

I'm happy to add each of your names to the sidebar to the right under "Applause Applause!"

If you are visiting my blog today..and would like to make a donation of materials (especially adhesives) or colored images for the Card-a-Thon, please visit these scs threads HERE and HERE ...or email me directly at

I'll be posting pics of the donations soon!

Thank you, again....everyone!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Life sure can be a Circus

Sometimes..just when you think things are rolling along nicely..smoothly..without commotion....or a hitch...the DRAMA kicks in and the tranquility of the day or the moment is eradicated in a flash..

Tuesdays drama:
(that I forgot to share here..but something that I know my Cuttlebug-Loving friends will appreciate):

I was making cards
...needed to emboss a piece of cs out the Cuttlebug out my embossing folders
...set it up
...starting turning the handle
my machine EXPLODED... EXPLODED..literally..
the casing of the machine was completely opened up..
I looked at the clock
8:35 pm
I immediately thought... "oh good, Michael's is still opened, I'll run down there for another CB"...
I was thinking...I don't care that I don't have a coupon..I'll pay full price...because anyone who knows me ...KNOWS that I cannot be without my Bug for even a day..
I announced the death of my Cuttlebug to a voice reflective of grief and panic.

I looked at the machine..both side panels had exploded off of the machine as if dynamite was inside of it..the top panel was popped off...the handle was jammed.
I saw a piece of card stock stuck in the rollers...(I have no clue where the stray piece of card stock came from...)
I kind of thought that the pressure inside of the machine was too much with the card stock (origin unknown) jamming up the rollers..and that the "explosion" was the machines way of reacting to the internal pressure was me pulling the card stock in one direction.....and this Herculean strengthed piece of card stock pulling in the opposite direction...

I was determined to win.

(Now I was looking at the clock.. Michael's would be closing in about 15 minutes..)

I managed to get the card stock out of the rollers.. When i finally got it looked like a piece of corrugated paper..completely wrinkled and shriveled up.

I popped the 2 side panels of the machine up..and clicked them into place..and did the same with the top/front panel..

and announced to Gary (in a now elated voice)that my Cuttlebug was alive and well..and working!

Whew.. if you could have seen that machine..with the sides laying down on the counter top...and the font panel popped'd understand the grief and panic in my voice...I thought for sure the machine had died..

I told the ladies at my workshop.crop about it today..and they unison..gasped in horror..)
(lol..we cracked up about was really kind of hilarious...)

I am happy to tell you tho..that my Bug made a miraculous recovery.and immediately returned to work..full duty..and is performing as wonderfully as ever...

it was a close call tho...
and one that has served as a source of entertainment for us around here.....simply because we have had quite a few laughs over my love affair with my Cuttlebug..and my reaction to the "close -call" of it almost passing on to the great embossed heavens above...

like I said.. Life can sure be a circus....and this event was center ring...
but the Cuttlebug crisis was only surpassed by the gas -leak that tossed us out into a rainstorm today..during our workshop/crop..

but that's a story for another day...ring #2 of the 3 ring circus that life can sometimes be...

Friday, June 19, 2009

A Wonderful Surprise

What a wonderful surprise I had today when Karen posted a note to me on my blog..telling me to wander back over to her see a surprise she had left for me there..

Once at Karen's's what I found:

A Blog Award!

Hugs and thanks to you Karen for giving me this wonderful Blog Award!
When you have a sec..or when you're blurfing sure to visit Karen HERE...her blog is wonderful and full of beautiful creations..

Now...onto the rules..
The rules to this award are:
1.Accept the award, post it on your blog together with the name of the person who granted you the award, and include his or her blog link
2.Pass the award to 8 other blogs that you have newly discovered
Remember to contact the bloggers to let them know you have been chosen for this award

I wish that the rules said that I had to choose more than 8 Fantastic Blogs.. but for now....I'll stomp my feet in protest...but...I'll stick to the rules and select only 8....

and so...I would like to pass this out to (in no particular order) these blogger friends in appreciation of their wonderful blogs and the inspiration that they nurture in each of us, when we visit their blogs.

Click on each name to steal some inspiration..when you visit their wonderful blogs...

1. Simone
2. Jackie
3. Heidi
4. Loretta
5. Martha
6. Becky
7. Michelle
8. Lisa

Thank you to all of these ladies for inspiring me..when I make visits to your each of blogs

Thursday, June 18, 2009

My Fantabulous Find!

I am SO excited!

I have something wonderful to share with everyone...and while I could be prone to blabbering on and on about it..I'll make it plain and simple and get down to the business of showing..and telling you what's got me so excited!

Whenever I find a great web or sale..I LOVE to share it with my card making and scrapping friends.... I want to share my favorite find of the week...

Ta-da!'s what's got me so excited...

These GORGEOUS hand crocheted flowers are made by my friend Chris...and I have asked her to make them available to YOU..via my blog...

If you are a lover of handcrafted/crocheted know that they can be quite pricey....($6-10 per dozen)
Chris' flowers are very affordable...(based on what they sell for elsewhere on web sites and in'll probably be in disbelief when I tell you the price..

I am IN LOVE with Chris' flowers..and think that even her packaging is fantastic!
As a matter of a fact..I love them so much that I have ordered 14 dozen flowers from Chris..and can't wait to get my itchy card making fingers on all 168 of them !!

The flowers are available in pkgs of ivory or white each pkg has asst sizes (as shown)...and.....are you sitting? They are $3 per pkg + shipping costs (which are also very reasonable at $2.50 for 1 to 12 sets)

*If you like bling... Chris will add a pearl to the center of each flower for $4 per pkg of 12

If you're liking these flowers as much as I do...feel free to email me at (the email address at the top of my blog) if you would like to place an order....and please know that I am not making a profit by sharing this with you... I am simply getting the word out about something that I think is fantabulous..and affordable..

So send me an email..and as they say..I'll "hook you up" with Chris..and before you know'll be making wonderful cards (and pages) with these fantastic flowers

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I've Suddenly Realized Something About Myself....

All of a sudden...I've realized something about myself...
and this is what it is: When I like, love and/or enjoy something A LOT...I have the need or desire to do it..have it..make it..see it..A LOT.

I started to think about this.... and "it" being part of who I am..and I think that I am onto something....after all..I've got evidence!

For example..I think that it all started when I lived in Europe..and was staying in Rome..I ate calamari for 23 days straight..everyday for the same little restaurant near the train station...

I went thru a furniture moving kick once.. my Husband would leave for work and come home to find the furniture and piano moved and switched around..all the time...(all the time meaning multiple times per week)..that went on for months...

There are many other things that I can think of....things that I do in long enjoyable spurts..but...

In this case..I think I'm on a roll with layering and making punched flowers.. I just can't get enough of them...I ordered a great book, from Barnes and Noble, on making flowers from punches...have been picking up punches (now...I am obsessed with finding punches that punch out pieces that can be used to create flowers..(as per the book's suggestions)...Imagine needing a snowflake punch to make a flower? Yep!

So..this newest obsession is fun..and lately... I find myself always thinking of adding hand layered and assembled flowers to my projects..

In going with the flow of my latest passion and wonderful obsession.....I incorporated flowers in these quote card candy pieces that I needed to make for a scs 6+1 swap...

I LOVE the quote...and the color combo is one of my faves..
I'm happy with how these turned out...and making the flowers is not only fun..offering endless possibilities....but it's relaxing as well..

I have a feeling that you'll be seeing more flowers from me in some upcoming projects and cards..I AM HOOKED!

Gone Fishing On Golden Pond.....Cuttlebugchallenge Blog ~ Challenge #35

I visited one of my fave blogs the other day..(actually I visit there almost EVERYDAY)...and always on a see what the challenge is..

Challenge #35 was...create a project based on your favorite movie.

So..if you know how my mind'd know that I had an immediate flood of thoughts... because I don't have ONE favorite movie..I have MANY. (Don't we all??)..It's kind of like ice can someone expect us to choose JUST ONE flavor as a fave??

Then..once the onslaught of favorite movies slowed down to a simmer...I started thinking of On Golden Pond...
I think that On Golden Pond is a favorite of mine because it's a story about relationships (yes..the social Worker in me always likes a story about people..their lives..their trials and tribulations..the dynamics of their relationships....and what makes them tick...)..and I guess the additional appeal of the movie, for me, is that fact that it is about old, well seasoned and well weathered love..and portrays an aging couple...their connection to one another..and the evolution of their they age...and its portrayal of an adult child who still struggles for the approval of her parent..

The appeal of this movie, I think...for that working with the elderly for so many years has reserved a special place in my heart for people who are aging..and perhaps journeying the end roads of their lives... me..On Golden Pond is one of those laugh a little/cry a little movies... and rightfully has earned a spot on my favorite movie list..(not to mention that the musical score is beautiful..and the lakeside scenery seems custom made
for daydreaming..

I love when Norman and (the young) Billy Ray go fishing...this is when and how they first came to "like " one's the people thing..people and relationships..that makes me like that part of the movie..

..and so..I chose this image that reminds me of On Golden Pond...a movie that I have always loved..and enjoy watching over and over again...maybe because I see a little bit of myself in each of the characters..

Monday, June 15, 2009

Weekly Inspirations

As always...a HUGE thanks to my niece,Simone,for providing the cards for this weeks Weekly Inspirations Video...
There are so many cards in this group that have inspired me....and that I'd like to re-create...
I hope that you find a little piece of inspiration, as well...when you watch this weeks Inspirations video!
Love and thanks to you Simone for the cards...
...and to Gary..for putting the video and music together for another great Inspirations video that showcases some of Simone's terrific cards... xoxo

*Plese scroll down to the bottom of this page to turn off the playist sounds so that it doesn't play over the video music!

Thanks for visiting ...enjoy!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

A Little Bit of Time to Create...

This was a typical Saturday..some errands..some relaxation..dropping off..picking up..having a nice dinner out.(soft shell crabs are in I was one happy girl when I saw them on the menu!)

I thought I was tired..but then got a second wind at about 11 p.m...and started thinking about the workshop projects I needed to prepare and try out for next weekend's Workshop/Crop and the evening Cards Only workshop session, as well.

So I put my unexpected wave of energy to good use... and used the time to work on prepping some materials and working on some projects for next weekends monthly Workshop/Crop.

And here I almost 1 a.m...still WIDE awake...posting a card to my blog!

This card is the card that everyone will work on during the "Cards Only" evening session next weekend. It incorporates using punches to create embellishments

The group has been developing their skills at making opposed to buying premade/manufactured this card follows right along with building upon their skills..from week to week.

The scalloped and plain oval were punched as well as all of the layers and parts of the flowers...and the wonderful little butterfly..(a favorite punch of mine).
The green leaves are actually made from the SU 5 Petal Punch..cut so that 3 petals make a set of 3 leaves..and the other part of the flower..consisting of the remaining 2 petals..made the 2-leaf portion.

And of course you KNOW that I just had to use my cards seem so naked when I don't emboss "something" it is very popular with the workshop ladies.

This is a very simple card to make.and is ideal for using odd pieces of prints that you might have....and to that I'd like to add that the prints used here were not particularly nice looking or pretty....yet when used as a scalloped mat and punched into smaller pieces for layered kind of looks nice.and makes me think of all of the so-so/not too pretty prints that I have..and shy away from using.

Thanks for visiting..and I hope that you'll dig out some of your "not-too-favorite-and-neglected paper"...and make a card like this one.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Can you Color and Stay Inside of the Lines?

Hi Everyone!

If you LOVE to color your images...(watercolor..Copics, pencils,markers, chalk, Gamsol, baby oil....etc..)..take a peek at a great swap on SCS that will let you be part of the well as receive some beautiful images colored by other card-makers.

All of the details are here: Colored Image Swap for U.S. Soldiers

So please consider getting out your pens, oil..stumps..or whatever you like to use for coloring....

then...stamp out some of your fave images to color..(or maybe pass on some extras that you have already done..but haven't used...
and join us at this great swap!

Staying in the lines if preferred..but is not a rule!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Weekly Inspirations...x's 2

I have 2 Inspirations to tell you about today...

My daughter, Chelsea , was out all night (camping out with about 800 other people on the high school football field) at Relay for Life..a Cancer fund raiser that went on at schools nationwide, last night.....
Relay for Life memorializes those who have had cancer and did not well as honoring myself...

Chelsea was on a "team" with her Thespian Troupe..and they, themselves, raised thousands of dollars..had lots of fun...slept outside under a full moon..and kept the relay going all night by making sure that members of their team kept walking around the track constantly throughout the night..

Chelsea told us that it was so beautiful..with the entire track outlined with hundreds of luminary candles in the darkness of the night..

I listened to her telling us all about the entire event..after we picked her up this morning at all sounded so well wonderful..and like such fun...

and then....from the back seat ...Chelsea handed me a purple sash..and said that she wore it all she walked... to honor me..her survivor...

and then..(as I am now a I type this..) I lost it..and had myself a big old sobbing cry...only to be topped off by her telling me that she and her friend David lit a candle and had their time of silence..sitting outside in the dark...surrounded by hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of glowing candles..with their candle...( for me..and for David's Grandma who has died)...Chelsea also dedicated her candle and thoughts to my husband, her dad (David) who died in 2001.

It's hard for me to even type this here....and to see the keyboard ....without crying..this touched me deeply..for so many reasons..the sash..the candle lighting..the moments of silence..and the vision of Chelsea and all of her friends rallying together..for me...who live..and have died..with cancer...

Many days...I think...I'd like not to have Cancer at all...but IF I must..I'll stick with the one I have...while I don't trust my cancer..because it's sneaky..and can suddenly get me from behind without warning..I am smart enough to know..that thus far..I have been blessed with a life that has been minimally compromised by what I have...

Chelsea wants me to be involved with Relay for Life next her Survivor...and I've already said yes.....I will volunteer to be a speaker at the event....With God's blessing..I hope to be here next life to its fullest..and speaking amongst the glow of the others who will participate to celebrate life with cancer.....or to memorialize those whom they love who's spirits endure and live on....despite their physical absence.

Thank you Chelsea for inspiring me..and for being a sterling example of a young teen..who has an acute social awareness..and a desire to "give" of have touched me by wearing a purple sash on my behalf...and by caring enough to be part of this wonderfully successful fund raiser...
YOU are what makes being a survivor..a cherished gift...

And now....on to the "regular" weekly inspiration!
My niece Simone is still filling in for me by providing the Weekly Inspirations cards..and I think that you'll find lots to like..and lots of inspiration in the cards on this weeks video...
I love Simone's style...and hope that you will too!
*Be sure to take a long look at the first card...a slider card...with a moving truck!
If you'd like to see more of what Simone has been sure to visit her blog HERE.

And I say every sure to scroll all the way down to the bottom of this page...and turn off the sound/music on my that it doesn't play over the music on the video..

Thank you graciously continue to "save the day" for me...even with 2 little ones who require your attention...and are so kind to always provide the weekly cards...
and more xoxo's to sweetie..who whips up the video for me every week as well...
Love you both..

Friday, June 5, 2009

YAY!! I finally found some time to make some cards!

Now I feel like I'm back to being my old self!!!...
I actually had time today to make some cards...and guessed it...they were All White Cards...for Ruth's Swap on SCS...
I think that this may be the 10th (or is it the 11t??) card/spot I have in that swap...(yes, yes...I've seen all of the cards right here on my blog..)

I know that I've said this each time that I've posted one of the all white I'll apologize for being repetitious ....but this swap has been so enjoyable..when I first signed on for one spot..I never dreamed that I'd keep going back for additional spots...

This was an enjoyable card to make...I liked working with the white Staz-on ink on the "my day" they called it "acetate'(yes I'm old enough to say ..."in my day" as if liking the white Stazon-on wasn't good enough...I whipped out my Sizzix Daisies die..and my best Cuttlebug....

I cut the daisies out..then embossed them with one of my favorite folders (Textile Textures)....curled all of the petal edges downward ....layered the flowers and put them together with Zip Dry Paper Glue (I love that stuff for assembling and layering flowers....and sometimes for applying small floral embellishments ....its easy to use and dries in a flash..and I DO mean a FLASH!)

I gave a lot of thought to how NOT to have any adhesive showing when I attached the flower..or the paper part of the card to the I opted to use the transparency as a jacket..over a smaller card...the inside card is attached to the transparency with glue dots UNDERNEATH the you can't see them at all..and it also gives the "giver" a place to write a note..on the inside of the underlying card...(which by the way..I embossed the TOP ONLY of, with the CB Swiss Dots embossing folder)

Ending my White Swap cards with this particular card is a nice way to end something that's been so enjoyable.....because this was a fun card to make..

Thanks Ruth for hosting this wonderful swap!

...and thank you to my daughter, Chelsea..who took these photos for me tonight..(with her new and much loved Nikon D60 camera...xoxo)

Busy Busy Busy...

This will be a fast post...

...Still no time to make cards here...don't ask me "what" I have been so busy doing..if you looked at my'd know it hasn't been housework!

I guess that can say that this post is shameless effort to solicit the help of others...*smile*

If you are a SCS member..please go HERE to join in..and give a little piece of yourself..your time..and your creativity to the Card-a-Thon for US Soldiers...

I promise's painless..and you'll feel good about yourself afterwards!

*If you are not a SCS member and cannot access that link...please consider making a donation of colored be used in making cards at the Card-a-Thon ,that wil take place in October. All cards that are made at the Card-a-Thon will be donated to Cards for Heroes and Operation Quiet Comfort. For additional info, please email me at

Thank you....